Best Time Of Year To Buy A Hot Tub

As soon as you have chosen the bathtub you want, the next important question is when you should make your purchase. Spas are perfect for use all year long but is there really a specific best time of year to buy a hot tub? The answer will vary based on your priority. Some may be looking for the biggest savings; others are after the latest innovations, and so on. Below are some of the most recommended times of the year to buy a hot tub depending on what you are looking for.

Best Hot Tub Bargains

One of the most important things to consider when buying a tub is the budget. Who would say no to huge discounts? Saving money means you can spend it on something else. Now, clearance sales are a thrifty shopper’s favorite. During fall through the winter season, hot tub distributors are looking to clear their inventories so they can introduce a fresh new batch of products. This is the perfect time to find great deals at lower costs.

Some manufacturers conduct product promotions offering rebates, discounts or package deals regardless of the time of the year. You can subscribe to your preferred hot tub manufacturer’s mailing lists, follow them on social media, or constantly check dealer and brand websites. It is best to keep your eyes and ears open for any possible sale so you do not miss out on a chance to save some extra bucks.

Pre-Owned or Second-Hand Hot Tubs

If you are more interested in getting the lowest possible price for a hot tub, another good option available year round are second-hand spas. Although you can hunt for secondhand tubs at any time of the month, it may be best to do it during fall through winter. From September onwards, spa retailers conduct clearance sales. Chances are owners of hot tubs who wish to upgrade will be looking to get rid of their current one.

The only drawback in buying used hot tubs is the risk of getting one with hidden defects. You could save a lot in the beginning but eventually pay for repairs and such. Transact only with trusted sellers or make a deal of paying in full after you have thoroughly tested the hot tub. Ensure as well that there is a nearby servicing center for the brand that you are purchasing. You do not want to be stuck with a malfunctioning hot tub with the nearest service center a hundred miles away.

Discounted Hot Tubs with Minor Defects

If you can handle using an item that has minor cosmetic damage such as a scratch here or chip there, you can ask your preferred distributor for these discounted hot tubs all year round. Minor defects especially when visible tend to discourage buyers, therefore, depreciate its value and make the item hard to sell. This is why some companies would often slash the price just to dispose of the item and regain the amount they invested in producing it.

Ask your salesperson if they offer any discounted hot tub with minor damage. If you are not bothered by tiny dents or gashes, chances are you will score great savings. Not all stores offer this type of discount so it pays to do your research or ask around.

Good Financing Rates

If you prefer a brand new hot tub but your allocated budget is not enough there is no need to worry. Retailers often offer various payment schemes and financing plans so you can choose the mode of payment that is most appropriate for your paying capabilities. These installment packages are usually available all year long although they could change the terms every now and then. There is no exact best time to apply for a financing plan when buying a hot tub.

It comes down to comparing existing payment packages from your trusted hot tub dealerships when you’re ready to sign up and choose from there. More often than not, some installment arrangement may only be available at a specific time frame. If you see one that fits your needs, you must act quickly. Do not wait last minute or you might regret dawdling and not making it in time.

The Latest Hot Tub Releases

If you wish to indulge in the most updated hot tubs with the newest features, the best time of year to buy is during spring. Earlier, we mentioned that clearance sales happen during fall and winter so stores and distributors can make space for a new batch of hot tubs. As soon as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, brands typically release product lines with the newest innovations.

One disadvantage, however, in buying freshly released hot tubs is that it would be nearly impossible to see any product reviews from other owners. Actual feedback from consumers can be helpful in getting an insight into the pros and cons of a particular hot tub. Another thing is that compared to the older designs, fresher batches often come at a steeper price so be prepared to shell out more.

If not getting feedback and higher costs are not issues for you, feel free to watch out for the debut of new hot tub designs come spring time.

Custom Hot Tubs

Some people like a completely unique experience even when hot tubbing. You might want like certain features from several spas but there is not one tub that offers everything you wish for. Or the tub that you want is not available in the color that you prefer. The solution is to get a custom hot tub in the summer. Having a custom hot tub made and delivered could take 4-6 weeks. Purchasing in the summer would give you enough time to set it up in time for fall.

If you are placing the hot tub on your yard, it would also be easier to pick the perfect spot for it when the weather is clearer. As well as set up any electrical wiring if necessary and add other fixtures such as chairs or ornamental plants. Having a spa installed when it’s snowy and freezing could be a challenge. Considering the size of the tub and the effort it would take moving it around, summer is the best time of year to buy a customized one. It is better to have it in place before it starts snowing.

Delivery may also be more efficient when the weather is favorable for driving. Extremely bad weather could be hazardous to drive in, causing delays in getting your custom hot tub brought to your home. It is best to anticipate any possible issues that may arise so you can make adjustments to avoid them or be ready with a resolution.

Purchasing a hot tub is a big investment and it certainly requires a lot of weighing your options and selecting which works for you best. Eventually, the best time of year to buy a hot tub will depend on which of the items we mentioned above is your top priority. If you know of a most recommended time to buy a spa that we failed to mention, message us and share your experience.


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