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What Are the Must Have in Your Kids Bedroom Remodel Project

A good quality mattress, duvet, and pillow are essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. A stylish range of clothes, shoes, and handbags will add to the fun. Shelving units provide excellent storage solutions as well as playing areas for games or toys – but when you want to remodel the nursery and try a change […]

New Homeowners: How You Can Protect Your Property Investment

Buying a property is one of the most significant purchases most people will ever make. It is crucial that you go into the process with your eyes open, aware of all the responsibilities and risks of homeownership.   Protecting your investment is critical and can be done in various ways. You should find ways to preserve […]

The Whats and Hows of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Feeling the squeeze from rising energy bills? Gas prices have gone through the roof, and end-users are the ones covering the markup. Households are spending substantially more to keep homes warm than just a few years ago. Blame the global gas shortage and the fact that many homes in the UK have insufficient levels of […]

Spiders: How Do I Get Rid of Them for Good?

Did you know that there are more than 43,000 different spider species worldwide? Only a small number of them are known to have venomous bites, including black widows. Fortunately, the majority of spiders you will encounter here in North America are more of a nuisance rather than a danger. If spiders scare you, there are […]

Building a Smart Home – Where Do You Begin?

Even though it didn’t get too popular and mainstream up until a few years ago, the concept of a smart home has been around for a good while. Initially, the goal was to save on electricity bills and if possible, make your day-to-day life a bit more convenient. Today, with the smart home integrating with […]

  • Updated August 8, 2021
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Jacuzzi vs. Hot Tub

If you are made to choose between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub, which one would you prefer and would you know the difference? The truth is that it would be inaccurate to choose between the two. A common misconception made by some people is to refer to all hot tubs as Jacuzzis. The truth […]


10 Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Once you purchase a new hot tub you need to find a home for it, and in some cases, a hot tub enclosure is an answer. Arguably the best and most challenging thing about hot tub enclosures is how you’re going to decorate it. There are so many factors to take into account: how beautiful […]

Where is the best place to put a carbon monoxide detector?

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills thousands of people and is easily preventable! Maybe you’re moving into a new home, or you’ve gone through our review of the best carbon monoxide detectors and bought yourself a new unit. The next logical question is where is the best place to put a carbon monoxide detector? You want to find […]

  • Updated August 8, 2021
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