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Jacuzzi vs. Hot Tub

If you are made to choose between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub, which one would you prefer and would you know the difference? The truth is that it would be inaccurate to choose between the two. A common misconception made by some people is to refer to all hot tubs as Jacuzzis. The truth is that Jacuzzi is only one of the many brands of hot tubs available in the market today.

The Jacuzzi brothers invented the original hydrotherapy jet in 1956. After establishing a solid lineup of hot tubs and bathroom products, Jacuzzi became a trade name for hydrotherapy. The brand name Jacuzzi would later become synonymous to the term hot tub. This is similar to the case of people referring to tissue as Kleenex or to a photocopying machine as Xerox despite having a different brand name.

The Making of a Brand

Why do people keep referring to hot tubs as Jacuzzis? Some tub experts would even say that Jacuzzi has ceased being the most popular brand at the moment. So, how exactly did Jacuzzi become synonymous to hot tubs?

Primarily a manufacturer of wooden propellers, Jacuzzi was founded in 1915. They also ventured in aircraft design and manufacture but were unsuccessful. One of the Jacuzzi brothers, Giocondo Jacuzzi along with two company employees met their untimely death as one of their planes crashed. In 1956, they developed the idea of treating a family member’s arthritis using hydrotherapy pump.

The Jacuzzi brothers’ invention of the J-300, a portable pump, paved the way for the survival of their business. Furthermore, it would also usher in the birth of the whirlpool and hot tub industry.

Jacuzzi proceeded in marketing the first ever whirlpool bath in 1968. Using body jets into the sides of the tub and innovations in hydrotherapy, they were able to lure in American consumers who were interested in fitness, health, and recreation. In the 1970s, Jacuzzi also incorporated filtration and heating systems thus creating the first hot tub in 1970.

They continued expanding to other parts of the globe such as the UK. Apart from the whirlpool and hot tub, they went on to offer other products such as shower enclosures, furniture, brassware, sanitary ware, and other accessories for a full contemporary bathroom experience.

It is no wonder Jacuzzi became a trademark name for hot tubs as it expanded its product line and continued to make innovations. As the brand name Jacuzzi resonated more and more, it became a household name representing hot tubs and whirlpool baths.

A Quick Look on the Evolution of Hot Tubs

In the 1950s, people from California grape-growing regions filled unused barrels and vats with hot water. They found ways to keep the water warm in these vats which are big enough to hold somewhere around 20 to 30 people.

Concrete hot tubs also made an appearance during this time. They were primarily placed beside in-ground pools and were intended for more intimate groups of family and friends. Compared to the communal vats, the concrete hot tubs were more expensive to build and to maintain.

The late 1950s saw the invention of the portable hydrotherapy pump that paved the way for jetted tubs and eventually, whirlpool tubs in 1968.

Nowadays, it is harder if not nearly impossible to find shops or manufacturers who still offer traditional wooden hot tubs. More modern versions made with a sheet of cast acrylic are preferred as they are easier to mold and modify. While more cost-efficient tubs are manufactured using molded plastic material.

The hot tub has seen a lot of improvement since it was first made. From expensive and immovable fixtures such as whirlpool tubs, you can now enjoy the convenience of moving portable hot tubs whenever and wherever you want. Homeowners can also indulge in additional features such as underwater lighting, waterfalls, speakers, drink holders, and neck pillows. Other upgrades in its mechanism such as full insulation, better filtration and sanitization systems, and customizable jets for personalized hydrotherapy make modern hot tubs a must.

What about Spas?

In addition to Jacuzzis and hot tubs, another term used in the industry of hydrotherapy is Spa. The question is if the terms hot tubs and spas refer to the same thing. The answer is no. Despite being used interchangeably by too many people far too often, hot tubs and spas refer to two different things. Hot tubs, in general, are movable self-contained units that come with jets, its own water care system composed of filtrations and a heating system.

Spas, on the other hand, are plumbed in and typically built into the ground. Often paired with a swimming pool, it is constructed and is immovable as opposed to portable hot tubs. As heated jet pools, spas have a separate plant room with a separate filtration, heating system and pumps.

Defining Hydrotherapy and Its Numerous Benefits

The process of using water for therapy is a method that has long been practiced for traditional medicine. Some people may still see hot tubs as an object of luxury. There are those, however, who look at hydrotherapy as a means of achieving better health and wellness. For them, having a hot tub is a necessity and we totally understand where they are coming from.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in relieving pain and other ailments in the bones and muscles. Several therapeutic methods and treatments take advantage of the body’s reaction to either hot or cold stimuli through varying water temperatures. Warm water is used to slow down the body’s internal activity, soothing and making it feel calm, while cold water is used to refresh and revitalize.

Enjoying the warm waters and multiple jets of a hot tub is not the only way to experience hydrotherapy. One can also choose from a wide variety of treatments such as using thermal baths, water circuits, steam rooms, saunas, hydrotherapy pools and a lot more. Some even utilize aromatherapy or Epsom salts to enhance the therapeutic levels and overall soothing experience brought by hydrotherapy.

Below are proven benefits of hydrotherapy in case you are still deciding whether you need a hot tub or not.

  • Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain. Being submerged in water creates a feeling of weightlessness, allowing one’s tired muscles to relax and just be. Hydrotherapy is the perfect ending to a long day of work or training. Even warm showers help relax aching muscles so imagine what lounging in a hot tub can do.

  • Increases blood circulation. As your body adapts to its environment, being in a hot tub filled with warm water will eventually increase your body temperature as well. This will facilitate better blood flow and help improve the overall condition of your circulatory system.
  • Boosts one’s immune system. Due to the improvement of the body’s blood flow, lymph is freely transported throughout the body as well. Lymph is a clear-to-white fluid consisting of white blood cells such as lymphocytes which is responsible for attacking bacteria in the blood. A stronger immune system means you are less susceptible to getting sick and more able in fighting simple illnesses such as colds and cough.
  • Relaxes the mind and relieves stress. If you have experienced having a day that is so stressful, do not hesitate to spend some quiet ME time at a comfortable hot tub. If you are feeling drained both mentally and physically, there is nothing like being submerged in warm water while multiple jets are massaging you.
  • Hydrotherapy is also known to help release endorphins, a chemical that triggers a positive feeling in the body. So the next time you’re feeling burned out, grab a book or a drink and get that hot tub running.

Other Purposes of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are not only meant for their therapeutic purposes. In addition to providing health benefits, having a hot tub has other advantages. If you are yet to get a hot tub of your own and you need more reasons why you should, read on. Here are additional benefits to having your very own hot tub.

  • A hot tub improves the overall aesthetic of your home. Whether you choose to place it outdoors or indoors, a sleek hot tub can give any space an added touch of class. A carefully selected hot tub can be the main element of any interior or exterior design. Simply add pieces of furniture and other fixtures that compliment your tub when it comes to hues and texture.
  • You can create your very own sanctuary that is perfect for relaxation or a dazzling patio for spa parties. Whichever you prefer, a nice hot tub can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise gloomy home space.
  • The perfect place to throw parties. Whether you want to enjoy drinks with friends or simply spend an intimate evening with a special someone, hot tubs can be the perfect go-to idea. Instead of making an expensive reservation at a club or any fancy restaurant, why not make life easier by taking the party to your hot tub? You can order some food in or prepare them yourself, pop some drinks and invite your friends over. Hot tubs can be an excellent way of getting to know and sharing unforgettable memories with people in your circle. Some hot tubs have built-in speakers and drink holders which makes them perfect for little hot tub parties.

  • Helps strengthen ties with other family members. If you barely spend time with your family, you can have a quick moment of relaxation or impromptu game time with them in a hot tub. Put down your gadgets and bond with your family. Whether you choose to simply sit still with your spouse and children or play a game or two, nothing beats the fun of spending a refreshing tub time.
  • Improve one’s mental health and personal well-being. The quick pace of today’s lifestyle is enough to make a person feel overwhelmed. To avoid feeling burnt-out, dim the lights and play some calming music as you enjoy the warm waters of your hot tub. Not only will you feel a lot calmer but also properly recharged. Quick time for relaxation and meditation has never done anyone harm. It instead helps provide healing and some much-needed therapy that we all need during these fast and overwhelming times.

10 Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Once you purchase a new hot tub you need to find a home for it, and in some cases, a hot tub enclosure is the answer. Arguably the best and most challenging thing about hot tub enclosures is how you’re going to decorate it. There are so many factors to take into account: how beautiful does it look? Does it help you relax? What will your friends and family think of it when they’re there? Apart from being a nice relaxing home feature, spa enclosures are also best to impress. It’s one of your many rooms that you can decorate your own way, but still keeping a peaceful atmosphere. Hence, this makes decorating it’s far more challenging than designing other rooms in the house.

Apart from being the most visible feature of your home to outsiders, it’s also vital that whatever you do to decorate the enclosure, it will help you relax. That’s the primary reason why got the structure in the first place. There are certain popular styles to adhere to, but in the end, it still has to help you keep calm and de-stress. Here are a few suggestions on decorating your spa enclosure.


Stick To A Theme

Sometimes, decorating anything can get too overwhelming. You’re suddenly bombarded with a lot of ideas that may or may not work against each other. When this happens, it always helps if you just choose a theme and stick to it. It can be anything under the sun, from popular design aesthetics, adhering to your interests, or even inspired by your favorite movie or TV show. There’s nothing wrong with incorporating a bit of fun in your spa enclosure, and whatever theme you choose, it should always suit you.


Keep it Minimal

Even when you’ve chosen the most elaborate theme, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go all out. Whichever theme or aesthetic you end up choosing, always keep it minimal. Minimal in terms of distracting design pieces, interior furniture, and many more. Remember that the star of the room should always be the main spa amenity, be it a hot tub, a sauna, massage chairs, and more. If the decorations distract away from the overall purpose of the room, it’s safe to say that they’re not fit for your spa enclosure.


Stay Neutral or Go for Pastels

It’s always a good idea to go for neutrals when it comes to spa enclosures. Medical institutions and professionals have stated that neutral colors are the most relaxing colors for the mind. They’re not too vivid and bright that they’s cause pain to your brain. If you’re not going to adhere to a specific theme for your backyard structure, then go for neutrals. For a daintier touch, pastels might also work. They’re also medically-proven to induce relaxation, which is why they’ll fit your spa enclosure as they do your baby’s room.


Color With Plants

When it comes to coloring the room, there’s one way to do so that will also freshen it up: putting in plants. Flowers of different colors, sizes, and scents make for a botanical bliss that’s good for the mind, body, and soul. The likes of lavender flowers and water lilies make for gentle touches of beauty while inducing some much-need aromatherapy for the relaxing part. And because of the oxygen that emanates from these living things, the air in the spa enclosure will be fresher and cleaner than ever before


Make Use of Curtains

Curtains will add a nice touch to your spa enclosure hat’s both beautiful and luxurious. Some might even say that they also add a bit of exoticism. For your backyard structure, go for ones that are soft and semi-translucent. These are the ones that five-star establishments use for their own decorations. They’d block off too much sunlight without making it too dark for the enclosure. They also add a bit of softness to the ambiance, which is another feature that’s said to induce some relaxation.


Add an Exotic Touch

Speaking of exotic touches, it never hurts to add a lot to your spa enclosure. A Bonsai tree, for example, is a well-known Japanese plant that can also brighten up the enclosure with some botanical bliss. Some wooden carved dividers, on the other hand, from the likes of Southeast Asia, can ensure your privacy in the space but is also a nice decoration. There are loads of exotic touches, some specific to certain areas around the world, that you can add to your spa enclosure.


Incorporate Wood and Stone

Spa enclosures are usually in your backyard, outside of your main house. Because of this, the decorations here are often of the woodsy and outdoorsy type. When it comes to materialization, wood and stone are the ways to go. Both are decorative mainstays in spas and resorts, and your spa enclosure isn’t any different.  Your entire structure can be made out of wood, while the floors can be stone for that relaxing walk. Additionally, you can also team the stones for a special spa-like treatment to really calm your nerves.


Save Space for Guests

Spa enclosures, while gaining in popularity, aren’t as common in many areas, For this reason, your friends and family might want to share in the experience of spending time in one. The structure is also a great place to host guests to a chill session of spa treatments or simply hanging out in your home. For such, you have to leave some space in your spa enclosure, Don’t get too excited by decorating it with various pieces of furniture and what-nots that aren’t all that necessary.


Add a Fireplace

During the winter season, your spa enclosure can be another great room to stay warm in. And while the sauna or bubbling hot tub will help, it doesn’t hurt to install a fireplace there as well. Keep the backyard feature cozy and toasty for you, your family, and guests who’ll try it out. It doesn’t have to be big, just the right size for a pleasant rustic look while keeping warm in the winter.


Make It Homey

However, you choose to decorate your spa enclosure, always ensure that it stays homely. You may design it with the intent of impressing others, but at the end of the day, the structure is still an extension of your home. Keep it looking like an important part of your house and you’re sure to relax better in it.

Decorating your spa enclosure can be fun and easy. There are loads of ways into doing it, and you just have to know the right style for you.

Best Time Of Year To Buy A Hot Tub

As soon as you have chosen the bathtub you want, the next important question is when you should make your purchase. Spas are perfect for use all year long but is there really a specific best time of year to buy a hot tub? The answer will vary based on your priority. Some may be looking for the biggest savings; others are after the latest innovations, and so on. Below are some of the most recommended times of the year to buy a hot tub depending on what you are looking for.

Best Hot Tub Bargains

One of the most important things to consider when buying a tub is the budget. Who would say no to huge discounts? Saving money means you can spend it on something else. Now, clearance sales are a thrifty shopper’s favorite. During fall through the winter season, hot tub distributors are looking to clear their inventories so they can introduce a fresh new batch of products. This is the perfect time to find great deals at lower costs.

Some manufacturers conduct product promotions offering rebates, discounts or package deals regardless of the time of the year. You can subscribe to your preferred hot tub manufacturer’s mailing lists, follow them on social media, or constantly check dealer and brand websites. It is best to keep your eyes and ears open for any possible sale so you do not miss out on a chance to save some extra bucks.

Pre-Owned or Second-Hand Hot Tubs

If you are more interested in getting the lowest possible price for a hot tub, another good option available year round are second-hand spas. Although you can hunt for secondhand tubs at any time of the month, it may be best to do it during fall through winter. From September onwards, spa retailers conduct clearance sales. Chances are owners of hot tubs who wish to upgrade will be looking to get rid of their current one.

The only drawback in buying used hot tubs is the risk of getting one with hidden defects. You could save a lot in the beginning but eventually pay for repairs and such. Transact only with trusted sellers or make a deal of paying in full after you have thoroughly tested the hot tub. Ensure as well that there is a nearby servicing center for the brand that you are purchasing. You do not want to be stuck with a malfunctioning hot tub with the nearest service center a hundred miles away.

Discounted Hot Tubs with Minor Defects

If you can handle using an item that has minor cosmetic damage such as a scratch here or chip there, you can ask your preferred distributor for these discounted hot tubs all year round. Minor defects especially when visible tend to discourage buyers, therefore, depreciate its value and make the item hard to sell. This is why some companies would often slash the price just to dispose of the item and regain the amount they invested in producing it.

Ask your salesperson if they offer any discounted hot tub with minor damage. If you are not bothered by tiny dents or gashes, chances are you will score great savings. Not all stores offer this type of discount so it pays to do your research or ask around.

Good Financing Rates

If you prefer a brand new hot tub but your allocated budget is not enough there is no need to worry. Retailers often offer various payment schemes and financing plans so you can choose the mode of payment that is most appropriate for your paying capabilities. These installment packages are usually available all year long although they could change the terms every now and then. There is no exact best time to apply for a financing plan when buying a hot tub.

It comes down to comparing existing payment packages from your trusted hot tub dealerships when you’re ready to sign up and choose from there. More often than not, some installment arrangement may only be available at a specific time frame. If you see one that fits your needs, you must act quickly. Do not wait last minute or you might regret dawdling and not making it in time.

The Latest Hot Tub Releases

If you wish to indulge in the most updated hot tubs with the newest features, the best time of year to buy is during spring. Earlier, we mentioned that clearance sales happen during fall and winter so stores and distributors can make space for a new batch of hot tubs. As soon as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, brands typically release product lines with the newest innovations.

One disadvantage, however, in buying freshly released hot tubs is that it would be nearly impossible to see any product reviews from other owners. Actual feedback from consumers can be helpful in getting an insight into the pros and cons of a particular hot tub. Another thing is that compared to the older designs, fresher batches often come at a steeper price so be prepared to shell out more.

If not getting feedback and higher costs are not issues for you, feel free to watch out for the debut of new hot tub designs come spring time.

Custom Hot Tubs

Some people like a completely unique experience even when hot tubbing. You might want like certain features from several spas but there is not one tub that offers everything you wish for. Or the tub that you want is not available in the color that you prefer. The solution is to get a custom hot tub in the summer. Having a custom hot tub made and delivered could take 4-6 weeks. Purchasing in the summer would give you enough time to set it up in time for fall.

If you are placing the hot tub on your yard, it would also be easier to pick the perfect spot for it when the weather is clearer. As well as set up any electrical wiring if necessary and add other fixtures such as chairs or ornamental plants. Having a spa installed when it’s snowy and freezing could be a challenge. Considering the size of the tub and the effort it would take moving it around, summer is the best time of year to buy a customized one. It is better to have it in place before it starts snowing.

Delivery may also be more efficient when the weather is favorable for driving. Extremely bad weather could be hazardous to drive in, causing delays in getting your custom hot tub brought to your home. It is best to anticipate any possible issues that may arise so you can make adjustments to avoid them or be ready with a resolution.

Purchasing a hot tub is a big investment and it certainly requires a lot of weighing your options and selecting which works for you best. Eventually, the best time of year to buy a hot tub will depend on which of the items we mentioned above is your top priority. If you know of a most recommended time to buy a spa that we failed to mention, message us and share your experience.


Best Hot Tubs

A hot tub in your home may sound like an indulgence and an unnecessary luxury. But after a long day, you deserve some quiet time to yourself. Maybe enjoy a lovely moment with family or party away and forget your worries together with some friends. Being in a hot tub spa is the most relaxing way of easing your mind and body from all the tension you have. However, before you get to spoil yourself with some much needed hot tub time; you have to go through the tedious task of picking one.

There is a wide variety of hot tub spas available in the market nowadays. Since it can be a costly investment, buying a hot tub spa is not a decision you wish to make overnight. You need to research brands, quality, prices and maintenance costs, among other things. Afterward, you must deal with evaluating your needs and weighing all the options you have on hand. However overwhelming it may seem, there is no need to fret. We did the leg work for you when it comes to finding the best hot tubs that you can choose from. Now all you have to do is identify your needs and make the right choice.

Best Hot Tub

6-Person 88-Jet Spa with Lounger and Stainless Jets 



We have searched far and wide, from one showroom to another but nothing exceeds the 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with Lounger and Stainless Jets hot tub. Using this modern hot tub for the first time might feel like taking a trip to the future. Manufactured by Futura Spas, this futuristic work of art exceeds the rest when it comes to aesthetics, functionality, and durability. It may seem costly at the beginning but investing in a high-quality hot tub that you will use constantly is not a bad idea. It is better to spend on a reliable hot tub than spend more with costly repairs. 

Beginning with the installation, new owners of the 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with Lounger hot tub have been gushing about how easy it was. Some people think having an 800-lb piece of furniture delivered could get overwhelming and complicated but not in this case. Running on 240 volts, you need to speak to your electrician of choice to have a dedicated circuit installed. This can be done in less than an hour. The 240 voltage lowers the heat up and recovery time by up to 50%. Since it takes less time for the pump motor to run compared to a 110-volt system, there is also less wear and tear.

Sanitization is a major concern in hot tubs especially if you are sharing it with other people. It is, after all, small confinement and the water simply stays within while the tub is in use. When it comes to sanitizing, Futura Spas partnered with Del ozone, a known leader in the sanitization industry since 1975. The tub’s pressurized filtration is another vital component in keeping the water clean. It uses the jet pump power to push water contaminants through the deeply pleated filter cartridge. The result is crystal clear and clean water every time you unwind. 

Speaking of relaxation, this tub’s Tri-Zone Hydrotherapy redefines healing for both the body and the soul. With just one turn of the diverter valve, the six horsepower pump is designed to revert to various seats throughout the spa. Added to the 88 stainless steel hydrotherapy jet nozzles, every tired and weary muscle in your body is up for a treat. There are two deep bucket seats which are specifically designed to provide neck therapy. It also has an on and off valve for a waterfall. Who would say no to hydrotherapy while listening to serene cascading waters? It simply is the perfect spa experience. 

The overall aesthetic of the 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with lounger hot tub will leave you in awe. It also comes in Sterling Silver but our personal favorite is the one in Summer Sapphire. Its enchanting hue resembles a deep blue ocean. Adding to its elegant finish is the underwater lighting and advanced perimeter lighting. The only drawback is there are no options in adjusting the brightness of the lights. It is either on or off with them. Still, it is enough to set the mood. Whether you are simply enjoying some “me” time or being intimate with a special someone, you cannot go wrong with Futura Spas’ 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with lounger hot tub. 

When not in use, the Deluxe 4 inch thick hardcover keeps it protected. The cover is UL classified which means it is (qualified) for local building codes. It is proven to exceed ASTM tests for perimeter deflection, weight support, and surface drainage. The winter sheath it comes with is most suitable during months of freezing weather. Even when tucked away, the 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with Lounger hot tub is far from being an eyesore. Its stylish finish exudes elegance and is guaranteed to be the envy of your neighbors and friends.

When canvassing for any appliance in general, you must consider the maintenance requirements of the item that you will be purchasing. Will it be too costly and how often will it require maintenance work? The 6-Person 88-Jet Spa with Lounger hot tub boasts of a Highwood Permawood synthetic cabinet. This particular finish resembles real wood but requires zero maintenance for years. It is highly durable and can withstand the harshest environments. Mold and mildew will not be a problem as it is very easy to clean.

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Runner Up – Hudson Bay Spa XP34 6 Person 34 Outdoor Spa with Stainless Jets & 110V Cord


Our runner up when it comes to quality and value for money is the Hudson Bay Spa XP34. The brand’s promise is to provide the same performance and power similar to a 220-volt spa at a lower price. It may not have the oomph factor compared to Futura Spas’ 88-Jet Spa but it does have highlights of its own.

Considered a plug and play hot tub, the Hudson Bay Spa XP34 comes with a 110-volt plug. Simply choose an area where you wish to install it and plug it in. Make sure the motor is accessible so it will be easier to get to if you encounter issues. It could take a great deal of effort moving it around so better anticipate any need to fix. The control panel is easily available on top and the buttons are pretty straight forward so not too difficult to operate.

The Hudson Bay Spa XP34 comes with a thick cover that does not only keep your tub from getting any insects or debris in it. While you are preparing the pool’s water to be at the temperature of your choice, the cover acts as insulation. It keeps the heat in the water thus lessening heating time. When in use, the heater automatically turns on when the water’s temperature drops a few degrees lower than your desired warmth. This makes for worry-free hydrotherapy.

When it comes to providing relaxation, the Hudson Bay Spa XP34 boasts of 34 stainless jets. There are buttons that you can press to adjust from medium strength to full strength water jets. You can also set the timer for some jets to automatically switch off after 20 minutes. For illuminations, it has 12 LED lighting along its perimeters and 1 LED underwater mood light. The LED lights have 7 colors from which you can choose the shade you like best while you’re relaxing.

Fans of this hot tub are especially pleased with how spacious it is. Normally, tub manufacturers may claim a pool is good for 6 people. In reality, they would put 2 uncomfortable seats in it to squeeze in additional users. The XP34, however, can seat 6 adults comfortably and without the discomfort of having their legs tangled awkwardly. There are two turbo seats designed for a maximum jet action. Overall, it provides an excellent therapeutic experience for less than most hot tubs may cost.

One negative feedback on the Hudson Bay Spa XP34 is a flaw in its insulation. Heating up could take longer than expected, even days to some new owners. This could either be an issue with the insulation or the 110-voltage power available for this hot tub. Be aware that during extremely cold weather, the water will not heat while the jets are on high. The tub could also use additional neck pillows since it only has one.

Hudson Bay Spas also does not provide information on which filters should be used and where to purchase in case the existing one becomes unusable. Apart from these minor issues, the XP34 is a purchase worth every penny. It is an absolute bargain compared to most plug and plays hot tubs considering the easy installation and maintenance. The ease in use is also superb as they did well in making a comfortable and spacious pool with powerful jets despite its lesser number.

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The Best Hot Tub For Your MoneyEssential Hot Tubs SS125210200 Newport-14 Jet Hot Tub


Everyone loves a good bargain and when it comes to getting the most value for their moolah. We look for durability, functionality, and affordability. For the best hot tub for your money, we all agreed on the Essential Hot Tubs SS125210200 Newport-14 Jet Hot Tub. Manufactured by Essential Spas, this portable hot tub offers maximum relaxation wherever you wish. Well, where there is a level and stable surface that is.

The Essential Hot Tubs Newport-14 boasts of the capability to operate without electrical connections required. It comes with an 8’ GFCI cord which converts the 120-volt power to 240-v for more efficient operation. A 240-volt plug helps in cutting down heating time. This will eventually save electricity costs and wait time. The GFCI cord has a safety feature that allows detection of electrical current leakage from a damaged cord as well as the presence of water. It will then immediately shut off power to prevent any mishap such as an electric shock.

The 14 hydrotherapy jets of the Newport tub give the ultimate muscle therapy for up to 4 people. Its 1.5 HP, 2-speed high-output pump creates powerful jets that feel like multiple hands massaging on your tired body. It can be easily operated through its digital controls. The multicolor underwater LED lights help set the mood for the perfect ambiance. When not in use, you can use its heavy-duty, tapered cover with locking clips.

The Newport-14 from Essential Hot Tubs is a delight to use. It serves its purpose well while requires a lesser amount of money to be spelled out. Something that could use some improvement is the cover which needs to be thicker than it is. There is also not much space in this tub. The manual may say it is designed for 4 people but if we are to consider comfort, it could well be good for 2 users. Definitely not one you’d choose if you are planning a party.

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The Most Outstanding Round Hot Tub


The Canadian Spa Co Ottawa 5-Person 38-Jet Spa with Waterfall is best described as the ultimate fun package. One should not be deceived by its simplistic design. This interesting round hot tub does not fall short when it comes to highlights and surprises. Canadian Spa Company claims that they aim to provide spas that are packed with features just as one would demand from a high-end hot tub. We can say that they definitely lived up to their brand promise on this one.

Powered with 2 speed 5-HP pump and adjustable air valves, you are guaranteed an enjoyable moment of relaxation and effective hydrotherapy. This lovely round hot tub has 38 adjustable jets that will work their magic in loosening knots on your back. The infrared-lined insulated cabinet and high-density foam insulation ensure heat is retained within the spa. Running on 240 volts, the Canadian Spa Co Ottawa 5-person tub heats water fast.

Its multi-colored LED mood lighting and cascading waterfall create a nice relaxing ambiance. Music lovers will also love the digital MP3 sound system and pop-up LED speakers.  Whether you want to indulge in some serene me a time or chill with family or friends, a bit of music can surely set the mood. If you are into aromatherapy, this spa includes canister for such.  We can safely say Canadian Spa Co is indeed devoted to providing a well-rounded approach to relaxation.

When it comes to keeping the water crystal clear, the Canadian Spa Co 5-person 38-jet spa is equipped with Glacier filtration and Ozone water purification.  Despite its immense power, this tub operates rather quietly which is a huge plus. Clients have been raving about the generous space inside the tub as well. Primarily designed for just 5 people, some claim they are able to seat 6 people comfortably. That is delivering more than promised.

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Best Portable Hot Tub

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

If you are hesitant in making a huge investment with hot tubs, the Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is the perfect entry level spa that you should go for. Despite being a small outdoor inflatable hot tub, it is packed with surprises that made it our #1 choice for the best portable hot tub.

Perfect for couples or small families, the Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Tub can seat up to 4 people comfortably. Setting it up is a breeze. Simply find a level surface, inflate the tub and fill with water then allow it to warm up. The inflatable tub is able to hold 210 gallons of water and maintain temperature from 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  It comes with a lockable insulated spa cover which helps the water heat up faster as well as keeps the little ones safe.

Ease the tension from your muscles with a relaxing massage from this portable tub’s 120 high-powered jets. Using the control panel, you can switch the modes of pressure depending on your preference. Intex 77in Portable Spa Set operates on a hard water treatment system which ensures that your skin comes out supple and soft even after prolonged tubbing. Customize your spa experience with handy add-ons like beverage holders and headrests that can be purchased separately.

The Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is relatively stable despite being inflated. It is made of light-weight durable fibers which make it soft yet able to hold weight. The puncture-resistant material on this tub is a good reassurance that it will not easily get ruined in case it gets pierced. Although with years of persistent wear and tear, the material can falter eventually. Maintenance is easy as the water cartridges of the tub are easy to replace. 

We love how easy it is to set-up the Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Spa Set, maintain its temperature, and enjoy its hydrotherapy. When not in use, you can simply deflate using the inflation hose and put away in its own hand carry bag. All in all, it serves its purpose well for being a portable spa set. It is also easy to customize your experience using the available add-ons. One flaw of this portable tub is the slow heating time at about 2 degrees per hour. Also, PureSpa can improve the durability of the pump and deal with the loud sound the heater makes. 

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The Best 10-Person Hot Tub: The Pelican Bay Hot Tub

If you are looking for some massive spa action, you best check out the Pelican Bay Hot Tub. Manufactured by Artesian Spas, this gigantic tub will make you a neighborhood celebrity when it comes to hydrotherapy. It boasts of advanced technology that is not available with its competitors. A glance at this tub gives the impression that Artesian Spas took hydrotherapy to the next level. A unique combination of style, innovation, and personalization, you are certainly up for a unique spa experience with the Pelican Bay hot tub.

Originally designed for 9 people, it can accommodate up to 10 people depending on the size of the users. Everyone is guaranteed satisfaction as the Directflow Personal Control System allows customization of the air and jet pressure, as well as an on and off-pump switch for each seat. They also have a variety of jet options in addition to the regular ones. These include Neck jets and Footblaster jets. All of this can be modified using a Worldwide WiFi App Module that is downloadable through the web.

The Pelican Bay hot tub does not let up when it comes to providing entertainment as well. While other tubs boast of a single waterfall, this 10-person hot tub has one 24-inch Allegro Fall and four Bellagio Falls. It has an optional Premium Polk sound system, speakers and subwoofers included so you can enjoy your music while lounging. They also offer Microsilk Technology which allows microbubbles to fill the tub. These microbubbles are vital in removing impurities found in the skin and hydrating it at the same time. 

The best part about the Pelican Bay hot tub is that it is highly customizable. You can purchase it with a Monarch Elite Cabinetry finish or have it modified to have a rock cabinet finish. The full-foam insulation within helps increase heat retention as well as the shell’s strength thus making it more durable. The outer part requires little to no maintenance. Simply wash off with water and soap if needed. The cover included is ideal to withstand the effects of harsh sunlight and freezing winter climate.

The only drawback we can see, however, comes with the maintenance of the insides. With the multiple jets plus the nooks and crannies of the tub, soap scum could get in between and eventually ruin the tub. Cleaning it thoroughly may seem like a bit of work and time. Overall, Artesian Spas are one of the top leading brands when it comes to bath products and they certainly did not disappoint with the Pelican Bay Hot Tub.

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The Best 8-Person Hot Tub: 8-Person 88-Jet Spa with Stainless Jets and Waterfall Hot Tub

Futura Spas added a lot of flair in combining hydrotherapy and spa party with their release of the 8-Person 88-Jet Spa with Stainless Jets and Waterfall Hot Tub. Nowhere short when it comes to features and elegance, the classy pool is a certified steal.

The 7-foot spa can seat 8 people comfortably with its three varying height jump seats for a thorough back massage and bucket seats that offers neck therapy. One of its specialized seats is the corner cuddler seat which allows the user to experience the ultimate hydrotherapy. Your sore feet and calves will also love the power plant footwell. This highly commendable spa operating on 220 volts provides powerful tri-zone hydrotherapy with its 88 various style stainless steel jets. All of it running on a two-pump, single valve, ten horsepower power plant. 

Aside from its generous number of jets, the 8-Person 88-Jet Spa with Stainless Jets and Waterfall Hot Tub continues to impress with its overall stylish features. You can choose from available interior colors of Sterling Silver and Summer Sapphire, both very attractive. The motion glow LED lights are a nice touch and you can choose what color you prefer to set some mood. There is neck rests that you can use for the ultimate relaxation. Even handier is the spot where you can set down your drinks which in our opinion is very cool indeed. 

The Thermo Service foam insulated cover helps speed up the water’s heating time as the thick insulation keeps the heat from escaping the surface acts. This will save you a lot of waiting time as well as electricity costs. Compared to other inefficient covers that could take days in heating up the tub water, this tub takes about 5 to 8 hours heating time. It also serves as protection from insects, animals, and debris from getting into the tub when it is not in use. Perfect during days when you want to stash away your pool. 

The outer side is covered with maintenance free Permawood cabinet. This type of cabinet is highly resistant to dust and mold, allowing years of impeccable beauty and stress-free use. Futura Spas utilizes Ozonator in keeping the spa water crystal clear. When it comes to sanitizing, the hot tub itself has self-cleaning features but you may also use a cleaner of your choice. Just make sure to not use abrasive chemicals or salt water to keep the inner shell from getting damaged. In addition to all its nice features, Futura Spas threw in a generous warranty on its product. The 25-year shell structure warranty and 15-year shell surface warranty among others ensure that they are confident with the durability of their hot tub.

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The Best 4-Person Hot Tub: Essential Hot Tubs SS125210200 Newport-14 Jet Hot Tub

The lightweight and portable Newport 14 Jet Hot Tub from Essential Hot Tubs is just perfect for a party of four. No need to break the bank for an amazing hydrotherapy experience when you can get high quality for half the price. If you are searching for a portable hot tub that you can use year-round, you do not have to look any further.

Designed for small spaces, the Newport 14 Jet Hot Tub measures a measly 70.5 x 61 x 29.5 inches. Sticking to the basics, it comes in Grey Granite, Cobblestone, and Millstone colors.  Through its digital control panel, you can manipulate the 14 hydrotherapy jets depending on how much pressure you wish to experience. Powered by a 1.5 horsepower, 2-speed high-output pump, the pressurized jets offer a relaxing massage and better blood circulation. Turn on the multicolor underwater LED lights as you lounge in pure relaxation. The tub comes with a single lounger so you can stretch out those tired legs if you wish.

This plug-and-play tub is affordable and very easy to install. It comes with an 8’ GFCI cord that allows the 120-volt power to be converted into 240-volt. The GFCI cord eliminates the need for the installation of a specialized circuit. The higher voltage helps minimize heating time which keeps electric costs from skyrocketing. The said GFCI cord is also crucial in detecting the presence of water or electricity current leakage from a broken cord. The automatic shut off feature will help avert any impending danger from electric shock.

The tub is equipped with a 1Kw/4Kw Balboa all-season stainless steel heater which is crucial in heating up the tub water before use. The cabinet is foam insulated and this helps in retaining heat especially in cold weather. Some users even testified that it can withstand -22 degrees of freezing temperature. The insulation cover is heavy-duty, tapered protection with locking clips which works just fine. It could, however, still use a little improvement.

The overall quality considering its affordable price makes the Newport 14 Jet Hot Tub well worth the money. Installation and use are pretty straight-forward making it very easy to operate. Considering that it is a plug-and-play spa, you can easily move it around should you wish. The Newport 14 Jet Hot Tub’s design can be described as a basic, no-frills aesthetic.  It is not exactly jaw-dropping but you are surely getting the most out of your money with this highly efficient portable hot tub.

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The Best 2-Person Hot Tub: Essential Devotion 24-Jet Hot Tub



If you are looking for a cozy hot tub, you should give the Essential Devotion 24-Jet Hot Tub a try.  Popular among couples and homeowners with very limited space, this narrow tub’s biggest selling point is its compact size. Measuring merely 60” x 84” x 35”, finding a spot for this spa is no trouble. Whether you prefer to place it indoors or outdoors, you are sure to enjoy hydrotherapy in this petite acrylic hot tub.

Getting started with the Essential Devotion 24-Jet Hot Tub requires little to no effort. Since it is a plug and plays tub, simply fills with water, plug it in and wait for it to warm up. The 1kW/4kW Balboa stainless steel heater allows year-round use of this portable tub. The heavy-duty tapered insulated cover with locking clips helps keep the heat from escaping thus shortening the wait time. The outer cabinet is filled with insulating foam to keep the heat as well.

A compact tub designed for 2 to 3 persons, the Essential Devotion 24-Jet Hot Tub is perfect for couples, close friends or a small family. With one of the seats in this tub being a lounger, you can stretch out and indulge yourself in calm warm waters. Simply sit back and relax to enjoy the amazing hydrotherapy brought by 24 powerful yet quiet stainless steel jets. These jets are designed to massage your back, legs, and feet. Using the control panel, you can easily adjust jets to target the parts of your body that need more pressure.

There are underwater LED lights to illuminate and provide ample lighting as you relax. You may also utilize the headrests in the tub as you allow hydrotherapy to take away the stresses of your day away. Take easy control of the bubble pump and water heater using the control panel on top of the tub. Headrests are also available so you can lean back comfortably as you enjoy the comfort brought by the Essential Devotion spa.

The Essential Devotion 24-Jet Hot Tub is available in Espresso and Grey colors. The design is nothing too flashy and is pretty basic when it comes to features. It requires neither special handling nor electrical installation which makes it easy to set up. The Essential spa is ideal for intimate settings or even when you just want to enjoy your own company. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, you may settle for an inflatable type but you will have to deal with durability and louder heaters if you do.

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Honorable Mention for 2-Person Hot Tub: AquaRest Spas AR-300 2 Person 14 SS Jets with Easy Plug and Play and LED Waterfall

If you have limited available space but do not want to settle with a boring rectangle tub, AquaRest Spas AR-300 14-SS Jets is the one you should check out. Perfect for even tighter spaces, the AquaRest AR-300 2 Person 14 SS Jets is a mere 80” × 68” × 31”. Available in Cobblestone, Brownstone, and Graystone colors, it is sure to blend in with its surroundings whether placed indoors or outdoors. Made with impact-resistant polyethylene shell, rest assured you can rely on the tub’s durability for years to come.

Another plug and play tub, the Aquarist AR-300 runs on 120 voltage power. It requires very little effort to install with no need for a specialized outlet. Note that it cannot be converted to 240 voltages in case you wish to have more heating power. The GFCI plug and 12 feet cord included ensures safety from electrical shocks. It comes with a 2” – 4” thick locking cover which provides insulation when heating the water and protection from debris and insects when the tub is not in use.

AquaRest boasts of developing a therapeutic spa that provides the same level of relaxation with top brands at half the cost. True enough, they are certified by California’s Energy Commission when it comes to efficient energy standards. Powered by a 1.5 horsepower pump, it has 20 stainless steel jets that offer warm, relaxing hydrotherapy with dual side air controls. You can sit back on the therapeutic lumbar arch to ease backaches and stiffness. Cozy up with your special someone with the barrier-free seating.

The multi-color LED lights and cascading waterfall provides a calming ambiance that will help you chill and enjoy the moment. You can choose your preferred illumination from 9 colorful light settings through the control panel. It also has 2 convenient beverage holders for you to set your drinks on. The water is kept clean by an EZ Kleen Filtration system instead of bulky filter returns. You get crystal clear water and more leg space as well.

The AquaRest AR-300 2-Person Spa is a budget-friendly option for those who are looking for excellent hydrotherapy with very limited space. The unit itself is affordable and using it is cost-efficient energy-wise. If you are not expecting any parties in the future, the AquaRest AR-300 is the perfect choice for some quiet relaxation and ample hydrotherapy. When using during colder climate, however, expect a challenge in maintaining the heat at top levels especially while the jets are working as well. The lower energy consumption may cost lower electric bills but they will not work as powerful as jets running on 240-volts of power.

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Leading Hot Tub Brands

More often than not, you can tell a hot tub’s quality by its brand name. There is a valid reason why some manufacturers are more prominent than the rest. Here are top hot tub brands that we have chosen when it comes to the quality of their product, their pricing, or the spa features that they specialize in

1.   Jacuzzi

A brand name so popular, it became synonymous to the word hot tub or spa. Founded in 1915, the company originally made wooden propellers until they ventured into whirlpools and bubble baths. Their first bath product is a bath with massaging jets which they would later expand to whirlpool baths, showers, various accessories, and hot tubs. Jacuzzi highlights their Italian design hot tubs as the meeting place for the latest in modern designs and newest innovations in wellness technologies.

2.   Hot Springs Spas

Another leading entry in the top hot tub brands list is Hot Spring Spas. Aside from high-quality tubs, they continue to make innovations with their product line. Some of these great ideas include the Moto-Massage DX jet which pushes two powerful streams of warm water that run up and down one’s back. Another is the Freshwater Salt System which allows hassle-free cleaning of your tub.

Apart from great tubs, they offer to finance with payment installments ranging from 36 to 60 months and also accept trading your old model with a newer one. That is excellent customer satisfaction and huge savings right there.

3.   Sundance Spas

Since 1979, Sundance Spas have always been the largest builder of acrylic hot tubs in the world and one of the first to utilize a UV water treatment system. Using ultraviolet light to kill contaminants and bacteria in the water, the latter greatly reduced the use of chemicals in hot tubs. This ushered in a more natural and safe way of filtration and tub maintenance.

Sundance Spas also provide worldwide coverage, making client support more convenient when it comes to providing spare parts. Remember to take note of companies who get the most negative feedback when it comes to providing spare parts because those are the hot tub brands to avoid.

4.   Cal Spas

Pioneering in 1978, Cal Spas has over 48 patents and 28 trademarks up to date. This roughly translates to their tireless innovation when it comes to improving their client’s spa experience. The brand’s main focus is recreational use for the family and with over 250 tub and bath products for the home, there is no shortage of fun things they have in store. From advanced heating and pumping systems to customizable hydrotherapy options, Cal Spas continue to dominate the spa industry.

5.   Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs

In 1989, Inventor David Ludlow conceived the JetPak Technology while attempting to create the world’s first leak-proof tub but it was not until 1996 that Ludlow established Bullfrog International, LC. Here he designed a 6-person spa with 6 JetPaks which continued to improve as years went by.  Interchangeable JetPaks have redefined hydrotherapy for each and everyone by making the modules customizable according to each individual’s preference.

6.   Marquis Spas

For almost 40 years, Marquis Spas have proven outstanding quality and craftsmanship in every hot tub that they have released. Founded in 1980, their core focus is function over form but that does not mean they have poor style. Their systems High Output Therapy or HOT and Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy or VOLT are two of the most excellent designs when it comes to hydrotherapy. They also boast of having MicroSilk Technology which uses oxygen-induced bubbles to leave one’s skin soft and plump after hot tubbing.

7.   Canadian Spa Co.

30 years in the business and Canadian Spa Co has gained a solid worldwide reputation by manufacturing their tubs in North America, Europe, and Asia and redistributing all over the globe. They have garnered awards for their inflatable and portable spas. Aside from their hot tubs and traditional swim spas, Canadian Spa Co is highly popular for their impeccable after-sales support. High-quality products and an outstanding customer service indeed make for the most reliable hot tub.

8.   Arctic Spas and Hot Tubs

A relatively budding company among our top hot tub brands, Arctic Spas, and Hot Tubs was founded in 1994. Not to be taken lightly, Arctic Spas mean serious business when it comes to competent heat recovery systems and insulation. While some hot tubs cannot function well enough during winter time, tubs from Arctic Spas are the most reliable despite the freezing weather. They are also the first ever to introduce smartphone control and monitoring of your tub using a downloadable app. Talk about cutting edge technology.

How to choose the perfect a Hot Tub

When purchasing your first hot tub, some details can be crucial while other added features are simply an indulgence. Here are some good points to consider when picking the perfect tub:


First and foremost, identify your purpose for getting a tub. Is it for therapeutic purposes? Are you looking forward to using it for spa parties with your friends? Do you plan on using it with family members including children? Answering these questions will be of great help in narrowing down your choices on the type of tub that you should get.

Identifying the potential number of people using it all at once will help you decide on the appropriate tub size that you should get. Deciding if hydrotherapy is an essential factor, will help you pick out based on the number of jets.  Ideally, the perfect hot tub should suit your lifestyle so you can maximize its potential. Otherwise, it will only be an unnecessary backyard clutter that you will regret buying.


Let’s admit that most of us are plain suckers for discounted items. However, getting a huge discount does not necessarily mean you scored a good bargain. For all you know, some distributors might even jack up the price then put a discounted tag to make it appear like you are saving money. Getting the best value for your money means you get the best quality that you can afford with your allotted budget.

Consider the maximum amount that you can spend for a tub and choose one that will not hurt your credit. You may also look into reasonable payment terms that some manufacturers offer. If you are considering second-hand or previously owned spas, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. You would not want to deal with hidden defects and end up spending more compared to just buying a new tub.


Assessing a tub’s durability before purchasing could be a little difficult. You can’t really test its ability to withstand prolonged usage unless you have bought the tub and used it yourself. This is where your research skills will be put to good use. Start by visiting forums and reading product reviews. Be on the lookout for client testimonials or seek advice from your inner circle. Consider asking recommendations from trusted sources such as your friends or colleagues.

Conduct thorough research on materials prominently used in the manufacturing of the tubs and compare which ones have gained popularity among its users. Additional features such as speakers, LED lights, and so on should ideally have the same durability as the tub itself. It is often best to go with well-known brands as they cover their products with better warranty. Spare parts are also easier to get ahold of in case you need one for repair.


Proper care is important in maintaining the pristine condition of your hot tub. While some tubs may seem too much hassle to clean, some have features that make upkeep easier. Know what maintenance work is required with the tub that you want to purchase and if you are able to sustain it. Some common maintenance work includes cleaning and replacing filters, jets, inner shell, and cabinetry. Make sure you will not have issues in accessing after-sales products such as filters, cleaners, and other relevant maintenance materials.

Check the reputation of the manufacturer’s customer support as well. Whether you will need assistance for repairs, installation or minor concerns, an active customer hotline is the best way to get professional support. Unless you are good in DIY tub work, the brand’s customer support is your spa’s lifeline. If a brand is known for having inefficient product support, be ready to deal with impending issues by yourself.

Suitability and Limitations

When picking a hot tub consider the conditions that you will have to deal with such as space, constant weather, and a number of people who would be consistently using it. An oversized hot tub in comparison to your available space will make installation difficult. With the cramped surroundings, the use of the tub will also be less enjoyable than it should. Select a tub that is just right for your intended space and consider how many people will use it often. This way installing it will be less troublesome. You will also avoid wasting money on a bigger tub when fewer people will be using it anyway.

Considering prominent weather conditions in your area is also important in selecting the spa that you will buy. A 220-volt hot tub can warm up faster compared to a 110-volt one. So if you often have extremely cold weather, using a 220-volt hot tub can lessen the heating time and maybe a more practical option.

In the end, getting the most reliable hot tub will depend on your own criteria. We may have mentioned certain qualifications but these are simply guidelines for you to look at. It is always best to narrow it down to your needs and buying capacity then decide from there.