Best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras

What is the Best Hidden Outdoor Security Camera?

A hidden outdoor security camera is a multi-camera surveillance system that is hidden from intruders and installed in any outdoor portion of your home.

Such cameras are placed in the driveways, walkways, and other secure places. Homeowners consider various variables in making their choice of such cameras, as well as in determining the best places to hide them.

The most important thing is that it is to be located where it would be able to monitor your compound and other outdoor properties.

Usually, such outdoor security cameras are considered very important, because they are seen as the first line of defense in protecting properties and homes, and it is always the first point of attack by intruders, and that is why it is hidden from them.

It is considered the most important part of home security systems.

We think the best, most convenient, and easiest to hide security camera for most people is the Arlo camera by Netgear.

We love this camera because it doesn’t require any cables, it runs off batteries, it’s completely waterproof, and we can stream the video feed through the Arlo app.

With accessories like the ghillie suit, they’re incredibly easy to hide outdoors. Arlo even makes a solar panel for their cameras, which eliminates the need to replace the batteries and a siren that can be used to scare off intruders.

The camera is located in the place it would record and take note of everybody or things that are approaching your property.

It sends its signals through different means such as a computer, phone, and several other recordable devices.

It serves lots of purposes to its owners, and that is why criminals do not easily target areas where they are sure that there are surveillance cameras in place because they know that they are going to be detected.

Before these cameras begin to work for you, they must first be installed. The installation process is determined by the type of security camera you want to use, as there are different kinds available on the market.

The various kinds can use wired or wireless technology, and that determines how you are going to mount them in your home.

Normally, it is connected through a wired or wireless network to a central control center.

The owner would be able to monitor what is happening outside the home, whether he is in the home or outside the home. He can even program it to record the events so that he can see them when he is disposed of.

There are different kinds of such cameras that you can get on the market today, and the most common among them include analog surveillance cameras, network surveillance cameras, and so on.

Many of these cameras can be purchased at various online and offline outlets across the globe.

Why Do You Need a Hidden Outdoor Security Camera?

If you live in a crime-prone area, it is important that you use outdoor security cameras to be providing 24 hours security to your compound. Because of this, you have to choose the best outdoor security camera.

Such cameras have to be hidden to avoid being detected because if it is detected the aim would be defeated because intruders would just target it and destroy it.

You need this type of camera for a number of reasons and some of them are:

It offers the highest degree of surveillance because it monitors movement within and around your compound.

The major reason for installing the camera outdoors is to monitor events in your house whether you are in the house or you are out of the house. It can monitor events and alerts you anytime it senses danger.

Apart from monitoring movement in your home, such cameras can serve other protective purposes like detecting when there is smoke.

It sends an alert to you so that you can take prompt measures to prevent smoke by calling the fire service to take prompt action.

It records events that happened in your absence and you can refer to the records later if there is any need for that.

It scares potential criminals away from your home. Once they know that there is such a camera in your home, potential burglars would be prevented from coming close to your house because they know that they can be detected.

They know that the consequences can be grave. Perhaps this is the major compelling reason you would require this type of camera in your house.

Moreover, the cameras are unique and that is because they do not possess the infrared capability, which is known to have limiting factors especially during the night hours.

They can perform very well even in low-light situations. The major purpose of such cameras is to provide safety for your home, property, and family members.

You are going to have the comfort and confidence as you stay in your home knowing full well that you can always take some measures to protect yourself against any form of external threat.

Moreover, the cameras are needed because it makes the police work easier. It becomes easier to apprehend criminals because they often leave their fingerprints behind.

Without that, it would be extremely difficult for the police to apprehend those criminals.

If no other person sees the person when he commits the crime it would be difficult to nail him, but the surveillance security cameras make that possible because it records the act as it is committed.

Therefore it makes police work easier as the criminals can be easily identified which would not have been possible. It makes it easier for the police to find the right person that commits an act.

Advantages of Having Hidden Security Cameras

There are lots of benefits of using this type of camera in your home as well as your business premises are here are some of the benefits:

  • Monitors events that happen in the home or offices
  • Helps in securing your homes and offices
  • Helps in criminal investigations
  • Gives its user peace of mind
  • Sends its message through different methods including SMS alerts and so on through your mobile device
  • You do not need to spend on this every time and this means that it is cost-effective
  • It is durable and can serve you a long time, especially if you get a superior product

Disadvantages of Hidden Security Cameras

  • There are a few shortcomings
  • Some of them can give a fake alert
  • Many of them are not durable as some are not waterproofed and weatherproofed
  • Some of them are very expensive
  • Things consider when purchasing a hidden outdoor security camera

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Hidden Security Camera

If you are looking for a hidden outdoor security camera, you have to consider a lot of things to ensure that you make the correct choice.

Home security needs can be different and because of that, homeowners consider different issues when they make their choice to ensure that they get the ones that satisfy their needs.

While selecting the best security cameras, two areas are of utmost importance. The first thing is your property needs and this determines what you require to have such cameras installed in your home.

The second is your family and your personal requirement. This can equally influence the eventual choice you make about this.

Therefore, when you want to have this type of camera in your home, you have to start by assessing your property requirements and needs.

Perhaps you have to pay close attention to the outer areas of your home that you want the security camera to cover. This determines the capacity as well as the type of camera to buy, which can cover such areas effectively.

When you have considered all these, and ensure that you know what you are exactly expecting from this type of camera, then that can actually help you in making your choice.

The other important factors to consider include the features available with the various outdoor security cameras. You have to ensure that the features are compatible with what you need.

Here are the features to look out for when you are making your choice. They are as follows:

Field of View

This is very important when you are making your choice. Field of view concerns the width of the area, which your camera can actually record.

This is why it is important to determine the size of the area you want to secure. Ensure that the field of view of the camera that you choose is going to cover the areas that you want to cover.

If the property is large enough, then it means that you require more than one hidden security camera. This would equally assist you in determining the best location to fix those cameras when you get them.


This is another important factor to consider when you are making your purchase. The sound means how the camera can receive or send messages.

Ensure that the sound system is the one that is good enough and that it would be audible enough before you make your choice.

The sound system is most cases is the best way that your security camera can communicate with you. It is important that you check this factor out before you make your final choice.

Image Resolution

This is another important point to consider anytime that you are looking for this type of camera. This refers to the image quality you receive through the camera.

It is important that images coming out that be clear enough. When the images are not clear, it would not be easy for you to identify the faces of people in the camera.

Consider various products and go for those with superior resolution, it is going to help you achieve your objectives.

Wi-Fi Capacity

If you want a security camera that can communicate with your home network, then the Wi-Fi capability is very important. Connecting to the home wireless network system is not going to be difficult.

It should be handy and you should not need help to have it done or to maintain it. It should be user-friendly.

Most importantly, Wi-Fi should not be the type that can be disabled easily, especially at the time that you need it most.

It is better if it is wireless because it cannot be interrupted easily as it does not require a wire which can be cut easily.

Night Vision

Another critical factor to consider when you are making that your choice includes night vision capability. The camera should be such, which can record clear images even in low light or no light situation.

This type of camera can cost, but it is going to help you to achieve your objectives as many criminals can carry out their activities in the night hours.

It is important that even if they come in the dead night that the camera should get a clear image of them.

This would help the police in their detective activities, and it would help to secure you better.

There are other factors to consider such as the cost, camera movement, as well as motion detection ability.


Outdoor security cameras are the most important companions that you need in your home. They are equipped with lots of features that help to secure your home and offices.

When you make the best choice, you are going to reap the benefits for a long time.

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