Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless compound which is a by-product of incomplete combustion. This seemingly harmless gas has long been known for its risks wherein increased exposure can lead to poisoning and worse, death. As this cannot be detected by human senses, even the tiniest concentrations can prove to be harmful and hazardous over long periods of time. Good thing that you can now shop for the best carbon monoxide detector or CO detector/alarm which can detect the presence of carbon monoxide gas in the air around you.

These detectors are designed to measure the levels of carbon monoxide over time. Many of these devices come with an alarm which triggers every time there is an abnormal amount of carbon monoxide in an area. It then gives people enough time to evacuate and leave the premises. There are also some devices which can contact the emergency services once the alarm has been triggered.

A CO detector is often times confused with the more common smoke detectors although these two devices serve a totally different function. A smoke detector will alert people of the presence of a smoldering fire while a carbon monoxide detector will give warnings about the invisible danger of CO buildup as a result of a malfunctioning device. In homes, sources include blocked chimneys, water and space heaters, a running car left in the garage or open flames.


Things to Consider When Buying a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Statistics reveals that CO or carbon monoxide poisoning claims the lives of more than 400 people in the US alone every year. This dangerous gas is also the culprit which sends tens of thousands more to emergency rooms. But, there is really no reason for anyone to become a victim of this silent killer, especially now that these tragedies can be easily prevented by installing CO detectors in homes and commercial spaces alike.

However, just like with any other product you buy, there are several very important things you have to consider before you shop for this kind of device to ensure that you will be getting the best possible protection you need. As with anything else, carbon monoxide detectors have not been created equally.

Although it is a good thing that you can now find an extensive variety of these detectors on the market for you to choose from, the wide selection can also sometimes lead to confusion. You might end up feeling clueless as to what is really the best option that can give you and your family the ultimate protection needed from the deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Below are some of the essential features you have to look for when you shop for these carbon monoxide detectors:


There are CO detectors which are conveniently made portable and this is often a favorite among home inspectors and professional installers. Others may also be hardware to the existing wiring in your home. There are some which are powered by batteries and other can be plugged to a wall outlet. Majority of today’s CO detectors boast of a shelf life of 5 to 7 years although some don’t really last this long. There are models which require re-calibration and other forms of servicing every now and then.

As mentioned earlier, these detectors can either be plug-in, battery or hard-wired models. Each will perform the same function and the specific type you choose is going to depend on your unique situation. But, the most critical feature you have to check, no matter what model you get, is its backup battery. It is essential because with no backup battery, your detector will prove to be useless in times of power failures. Unfortunately, it is also exactly during these times when people are most at risk since a lot of them turn their alternative heating methods particularly during blackouts in winter months.

Digital Display

It is best to go for a unit with digital display. Even if this is not absolutely crucial to the overall function of your detector, it still remains to be highly recommended. You will not only get the peace of mind when you see the O there at a mere glance for it will also alert you if there are existing low levels of carbon monoxide but are not enough yet to trigger the alarm. The alarm is often triggered at 30ppm but even low levels of this gas can already be harmful to some people, such as unborn babies.


The CO detectors should be responsible for what their name suggests and that is, to detect carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide alone. While it does seem a more convenient choice to use a combination of CO and smoke detector, it is not highly advised. This is because smoke detectors will need two kinds of sensors, using both physical and optical detection methods, to guarantee smoke detection and many combination units only use a single type. Most reviews from consumers for these units relate cases wherein rooms were already filled with smoke but the alarm was not triggered.


The last equally important thing to consider is who will use the detector. If someone in your home has a hearing impairment, it is best to get a unit equipped with special light feature to alert a person who cannot hear the alarm. Of course, the price of such unit will be a bit higher but you will see the value for your money when you know that everyone is safe and protected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement

Smoke and heat rise. This is the reason why people should pay importance on installing smoke alarms on the ceiling or wall. However, carbon monoxide mixes with the air. Due to this, it’s preferable to install carbon monoxide detectors or alarms at knee level, which is the right height of a sleeping person’s mouth and nose.

If you have pets or kids that could tamper with detectors, you can move these up to chest height. You may also place them in an area that is hard to reach where curious hands as well as overzealous tails would’ve a hard time reaching. Keep in mind that a carbon monoxide detector must not be blocked by curtains, furniture or some objects because restricted airflow may affect its function. A carbon monoxide alarm with single function is highly recommended, yet if you’re installing a dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector, place this on the ceiling, so it may detect smoke.

Since people are most vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning effects while sleeping, it is crucial to place alarms near the bedrooms of your family. If you have one carbon monoxide alarm, place this as close to the sleeping area of everybody if possible.

Ideally, you must have CO detectors placed in your home just like the number of smoke alarms you have installed. You must place a carbon monoxide detector in every major area of your house including the kitchen, dining/living room, office, and bedrooms. If you have elderly family members or children living with you, give extra protection near the rooms. If you are living in a multi-story home, see to it that you place at least a carbon monoxide detector on every level.

If your furnace is at the basement, see to it that you place a carbon monoxide detector there. Aside from that, if you have gas clothes dryers, put alarms in your laundry room. You should also place one in the garage if you always park your cars there. Wherever you have solid fuel fired appliance, anything that might produce carbon monoxide must have a carbon monoxide detector.


Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest Protect Battery Operated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide AlarmNest Protect is a leading name when it comes to home safety and automation products. The Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm attests to this. This model is basically a combination of carbon monoxide and smoke detection and seamlessly works with its dedicated app. Upon downloading the app, alerts will be sent directly to your phone and can also silence the alarms if needed. With its state o the art sensors for carbon monoxide and fire alike, this alarm is among the best choices for every homeowner out there.

The main benefit of this model is that you don’t have to buy two different monitors to keep tabs on two different hazards. This system makes use of WiFi communication between a couple or more alarms and probably a Nest thermostat. Every unit can be hard-wired to the wall and there is a 6-battery backup in case of power failures. Many user like the aesthetics of its housing as well as the motion activated night light which is part of the model. This is also compatible with other products from the company, specifically the Nest camera which will let you keep a close eye on your house and see what is happening in case of an emergency.


  • Home automation
  • Comes with hard-wire capabilities and backup batteries
  • Doubles as a smoke detector
  • Voice notification


  • CO detection is almost treated as a mere afterthought
  • A bit expensive


Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide AlarmKidde Carbon Monoxide Detector continues the legacy of the company known for its creation of fire safety products for more than 90 years. Being the largest manufacturer of fire safety products in the world, Kidde also comes up with top of the line carbon monoxide detectors.

Kidde KN-COPP-3 has a digital display to let you read the carbon monoxide levels in your home easily. This device can also refresh its data after every 15 seconds for you to detect right away is something is amiss. When your device sounds, you will definitely heart it. The carbon monoxide alarm also let out a beep of 85 db which is as loud as your blender.

What makes this carbon monoxide detector different from others is that it’s equipped with features that are guaranteed to help you protect your loved ones from the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. It works well and anyone can quickly install it. Other than that, the best part of this is that it comes with battery backup, which only means that you can enjoy savings. In case your current battery loses its power, you can always use the included battery backup anytime you need this detector to work.


  • Affordable
  • Equipped with digital display.
  • Most famous carbon monoxide
  • Backup battery included
  • Less false alarms
  • Does its job flawlessly
  • Long battery life
  • Packed with useful features
  • Easy installation


  • Only single sensor.
  • Smoke alarm is sold separately.
  • No home automation.

First Alert CO615 Carbon Monoxide Detector, Dual Power

carbon monoxide detector reviewsSeveral carbon monoxide detectors are made to be hardwired to a residential property, while others are designed to be attached on the walls. First Alert CO615 is a dual power carbon monoxide detector that can be plugged in directly into the standard wall socket and hung on the wall.

What makes this First Alert CO615 set apart from others is its level of mobility. This is very beneficial particularly for those who want to test some areas for increased level of carbon monoxide. The unit is basically powered by 2 AA batteries and a 120V plug. Its backlit display is set to show the current carbon monoxide level in PPM together with the level of the battery power.

Once the display button is pressed, the CO’s peak level for that day will be displayed. Nevertheless, this reading is erased automatically after a day that could be troubling for users who like to track carbon monoxide concentration over a particular period of time.

The unit also uses an electro-chemical process for measuring carbon monoxide in PPM. If the device stops providing chirping alarm signals, it should be replaced immediately. Remember that a carbon monoxide detector lasts only for 5-7 years.


  • Cheap but quality made
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Engineered with your needs in mind
  • Works well
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Helpful user manual
  • Made to last
  • Dual power options


  • Frequent false alarms
  • Its battery power mode is quite inconvenient.


Kidde Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Kidde Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide AlarmThe Kidde Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm helps to provide your home with an extensive protection against the harmful threat posed by colorless and odorless gas. With the increasing local and state governments passing legislation needing carbon monoxide detectors in homes, it is never been a good time to safeguard your family against exposure from carbon monoxide.

This carbon monoxide detector measures the carbon monoxide exposure over time. It’s made to sound at 85db at 10ft once this detects 70PPM of carbon monoxide for 60-240 minutes, 400PPM for 4-15 minutes, and 150PPM for 10-50 minutes. The visible digital display indicates the carbon monoxide level that the unit senses and this updates the status each fifteen seconds for accurate and timely readings. Its free standing design enables for attachment to walls or placement on counters for comprehensive and convenient protection.

This battery powered carbon monoxide detector also includes slide-out battery door, which gives an immediate access to the power source and battery safeguard that makes it hard to close the cover without the batteries installed. A LED lighting system in the unit also signals power sourcing and levels. This device has a 7-year expected lifespan and equipped with 5yr limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Clear and easy to read digital display
  • Updates every fifteen seconds
  • Installation is made easy
  • Available at an affordable price
  • One of the highly recommended carbon monoxide detectors.


  • There’s no home automation capability.
  • You can’t keep track of the details from your phone.


First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert CO400 Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide AlarmIf you are searching for an inexpensive and easy carbon monoxide alarm, First Alert CO400 is the best choice for you. It utilizes an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which is the most accurate technology nowadays. Its permanent sensor can last up to 5 years. This is powered by 9V replaceable battery, providing you peace of mind even if there’s a power outage.

The silence or test button both silences the alarm and enables you to test its functionality. The unit re-alarms and monitors if the levels of carbon monoxide persist sounding loud 85db horn. There is no need for installation. Unlike others, it has a stylish design, which enables the unit to be placed anywhere. This includes an optional wall mount without an outlet needed. Visual and audible low battery signal alerts when you need to replace the battery.

If you still don’t know how to operate this when an alarm sounds, you only have to pull down the action chart. There is also an included five-year limited warranty.

Just mount this on the wall with Velcro tape or small nail. An alarm will chirp once the batteries are low, sound if carbon monoxide is detected, and it beeps when you press the button for test.


  • It is easy to install.
  • No wires to deal with during setup.
  • Cheap but high quality CO alarm.
  • Easy to operate.
  • No complicated instructions.
  • Simple carbon monoxide alarm, but useful.


  • No modern technology included.
  • Batteries run off easily.
  • It is not digital.




Breathing small amount of carbon monoxide will not do you serious harm. However, once you inhale too much of this, anyone at any age can be sick or worst can die from high level of exposure. So, before it’s too late, find the best carbon monoxide detector available in the market today.