Navien NPE-240a Tankless Water Heater [Best Review]

When tankless water heaters first came out, they were known for certain minor mishaps, such as short bursts of cold water. Only a few companies could offer brilliant performance and low running costs, and Navien was one of them.

Present on the market since 1978, Navien products are among the world’s most efficient, energy-saving, and CO2-reducing tankless water heaters.

The Navien NPE-240a is the premier tankless model from a trusted brand and offers advanced technology to solve some common pitfalls of tankless water heaters.

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Who is the Navien NPE-240a perfect for?


The Navien NPE-240a is the perfect choice for:

  • Mid-sized and large homes or commercial properties
  • Homes with many bathrooms and appliances that require hot water at the same time
  • Properties located in colder climates
  • Property owners looking to reduce their energy bills. 

The Navien NPE 240a might not be the right choice for:

  • Tiny homes or apartments that don’t require this level of hot water output
  • Homes in warm climates that might not require this level of heating capabilities

If the Navien NPE-240a does not seem like the right fit for these reasons, we recommend you check out the EcoSmart Eco 11 or one of the Rheem tankless water heater models.

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Navien NPE-240 Features

Easy to use

Sometimes, when we’re thinking about which product to buy, we only consider the performance.

People tend to consider a product’s unique features but don’t always consider if a product is difficult to use. Luckily, the Navien NPE-240a combines the best of both worlds – great features and user-friendly design.

Navien is one of the few water heater manufacturers to offer mobile apps to control their water heaters.

With the Navilink app, you can control your water heater from anywhere in the world – turning it on or off, adjusting the settings, and monitoring your water heater for errors or any issues.

This makes the Navien NPE-240a a great tankless water heater for vacation homes or other properties where you can’t monitor your appliances daily.

This water heater doesn’t come with a knob for adjusting the temperature but with arrow buttons instead. And, of course, above the arrows is a screen letting you know the heater’s temperature.

The heater comes preset to output hot water at a temperature of 120 ℉. Depending on how far away your water heater is from your fixtures, you might want to adjust that up or down to get a comfortable temperature.

Thankfully with the electronic controls, it is a cinch to use this water heater.


navien npe 240


Incredible Flow Rate

Out of all the water heaters Navien has produced, this one is the most powerful thanks to its massive flow rate of over 12.2 gallons per minute.

Even though Navien products are designed for residential use, this particular unit could meet the needs of some commercial users.

If you’re wondering how powerful this tankless water heater is, let’s say that it can supply enough water for seven bathrooms plus all the sinks you may need for some day-to-day chores.

What is even more impressive is that this unit delivers truly on-demand hot water with no lag. 

Energy Efficient

A heat exchanger is one of the essential parts of a tankless water heater, and it operates under harsh conditions. It’s responsible for transferring energy and heating the water.

Not only does it have to tolerate all the mechanical and thermal stress, but it also has to withstand the effects of corrosive substances.

If you want a heat exchanger to last for years, you need to make sure that it’s both efficient and well constructed. That is why Navien decided to use a stainless steel exchanger.

Even though stainless steel costs a bit more than other materials, it gives the heat exchanger a longer lifespan. Stainless steel is also incredibly efficient in exchanging heat, which helps the Navien NPE-240a reach market-leading 97% energy efficiency. 

While most water heaters can help you reduce your energy bills up to 20%, Navien takes these numbers to a whole new level thanks to the ultra-condensing efficiency.

In addition, as soon as you turn off a water faucet, this water heater will shut down as well. This guarantees no standby heat loss and makes Navien NPE-240a have a meager running cost.

Advanced Tankless Heater Technology

Many companies now make advanced technology a part of their products. For example, Navien NPE-240a uses intelligent preheating technology.

This means that Navien tankless water heater can recognize your daily hot water usage patterns and make sure to heat water even before supplying it to the fixtures.

This helps keep the unit energy efficient while also making sure you get hot water where you need it, when you need it, without that “cold sandwich”!

navien npe-240a tankless water heaterNavien NPE-240a Pros:

  • Energy efficient
  • Low NOx emissions
  • High flow rate
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger ensures a long lifespan
  • Uses advanced preheating technology.

Navien NPE-240a Cons:

  • The premium model is more expensive than water heaters, with fewer features and lower flow rates.
  • Larger than some tankless water heaters due to the increased flow rate (but still smaller than most conventional tank water heaters!)

Frequently asked questions about the Navien NPE 240a

Is There a Warranty?

Navien provides a warranty for its products, but it is essential to check out the manual to see how much coverage you get. In general, most parts of a water heater have a five-year warranty, whereas more expensive parts may have up to 15 years.

What is the Temperature Range?

Navien heaters are often set at 120 ℉, but the temperature can be increased up to 160 ℉. Typically, the ideal temperature is about 140 to 145 ℉.

What is the Flow Rate?

As already mentioned, the flow rate of this product is massive. But, to be more precise, this Navien heater has a flow rate of 11.2 GP at a 45 degrees temperature rise and 12.2 GPM at 35 degrees rise.

Should I buy the Navien NPE-240a?

The Navien NPE-240a is a tankless heater worth buying. It is suitable for all home sizes and climates but performs exceptionally well in properties requiring a high flow rate.

Its Comfort Flow technology makes sure its users never have to experience the “cold water sandwich effect.”

It’s easy to use, with its digital screen instead of a knob. And on top of providing you with on-demand hot water, this unit can also help you reduce your energy bills!

If the Navien NPE-240a is overkill for your property, we recommend checking out the EcoSmart Eco 11, an excellent value for smaller homes, or one of the Rheem tankless water heater models.

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