Best Parking Lot Security Cameras [Top 5 Reviews]

If you own a business with a parking lot, your first concern is how you will keep it safe for your customers and your property.

Having a safe and secure parking lot makes your customers feel at ease while shopping at your business. They will know that you care for their safety and peace of mind when they see the cameras in place.

Vandals and thieves will think twice about their actions when they see parking lot security cameras and go to a less secure business to prey on others’ property.

A good security system is a must for any business and is dependent on its camera system first and foremost. With the overwhelming information available, how do you go about choosing suitable parking lot security cameras for your business?

Parking Lot Security Cameras: Amazon Best Sellers

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Top 5 Best Parking Lot Security Camera Reviews for April 2024

Here you will find the top 5 Best Parking Lot Security Camera Reviews for April 2024.

1. Defender Wireless Security Camera

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The Defender camera is one of the best camera digital technologies that reach even the unreachable points in your homestead, such as the garage, shed, and parking space.

It features precise, bright signals and a highly adaptive technology using the FHSS to reduce signal interference. At the same time, it provides the best-uninterrupted image viewing over a WI-FI network.

The camera has a two-night vision camera that features 1080 pixels at a wind angle to offer better night surveillance.

The defender app also allows for remote live streaming of video at the comfort of your sofa and while in your outdoor errands. The cameras feature a lightweight polycarbonate housing that rates at IP65.


  • Allows you to monitor your home surveillance anywhere at any time
  • Designed for simplicity in use and easy to assemble as every item is at your fingertips
  • Flexible recordings
  • Offers crisp and clear images and videos
  • Durable as the cameras feature a weather and vandal proof material
  • Offers better image viewing on large screens such as your tv


  • The defender app sometimes can be trouble when trying to save an image or video on a mobile device.
  • Installations limitations, better installed only in the construction phase of a home or business, otherwise buying extension cables will increase installation costs.

2. Reolink PTZ IP Camera

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The Reolink PTZ IP camera features a high-resolution camera with 4 megapixels ranging at 2560× 1440 compared to the much lesser IP cameras, which offer a resolution of 720 and 1080 pixels.

The Reolink camera introduces a fantastic experience with sharper and clearer images and videos without missing details. The night visuals are fantastic.

This camera offers around-the-clock home monitoring with six infrared LEDs that allow for a super long distance of 190 ft., even in low light conditions.

The 4X optical zoom is quite impressive as it has an autofocus function that allows for the camera’s full viewing at an angle of 36-100 degrees.

It lets you see more details of an object that is far away without getting closer to them.


  • Offer the most innovative motion detection triggering alert by sending an email to your device.
  •  It can be remotely accessed through the free Reolink app from easy live streaming even when you are not in the home vicinity.
  •  Easy to install
  •  Waterproof for an all-weather surveillance


  • Has limited configuration systems

3. Foscam Outdoor parking garage security cameras

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The camera combines a high-quality HD digital camera with a super-powerful server built to provide live video streaming anywhere. The camera is an IP with 30 high-power LEDs, which provide clear and sharp night vision of up to 65ft.

The advanced WDR with a vibrant 1080 full HD corrects even dark images with the auto cut for color accuracy. The night visuals are high quality as even dark objects can be detected from a distance.

The camera also has a motion detection system that gives immediate alerts on your device wherever you are. It also has an SD card slot or hard drive that allows for recording any activities in your home vicinity in your absence.


  • Allows for remote accessibility of the cameras recordings and motion events
  • It is easy to use as all you need to do is download the Foscam app.
  • Offer the most innovative technology for motion detection
  • Provides sharp and clear images at an angle of 118 degrees
  • Easy to install in your backyard or at the front of your house door


  • The internal software does not allow for the picture to be rotated, though not a big deal.

4. Swann SWPRO-842CAM-US parking garage cameras

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The Swann camera has a high resolution of 900 TVL, giving clear and sharp images and videos. The power night vision can cover an approximate 82 ft./25m giving a good view of images and videos even in the dark hours of the night.

The sturdy aluminum build comes for both indoor and outdoor use regardless of the weather conditions. It is a 24-hour use camera and remains capable of high performance even in harsh weather conditions.

It lets you plug it on your DVR for recording or your TV for immediate surveillance. The camera offers a viewing angle of 59 degrees both day and night, with images being colored during the day and switching to black and white during the night.


  • It has a waterproof casing that allows it to survive the harshest of conditions.
  • Very durable, you have to shop now and then.
  • Easy to use in both residential and commercial places
  • Allows for easy installations around your home just in time to see the activities taking place around your home
  • Provides super clean and sharp images


  • The visuals are not clear when exposed directly to the sun.

5. IPCC-9610 V2 – 10x parking security camera

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The IPCC-9610 V2 camera is a professionally built camera that grades as an IP camera that comes with a color sensor for better resolutions of up to 1920×1080 pixels.

The high-quality zoom feature combined with the autofocus feature produces bright and sharp images and videos. The IPCC-9610 supports the industry’s compression technology while lowering the bandwidth needed for video transmission and recording.

The built-in web server support function is compatible with Firefox, chrome, and internet explorer for ease in setting configuration and image viewing.

The night vision allows for good viewing of a distance of 60 meters with a motional detection within an angle of 360 degrees.


  • Allows for motion detection
  • It is easy to use as it is compatible with various platforms such as windows, macOS, iPhones, and I pad support.
  • Allows for android support with the inclusion of my live cams and blue iris.
  • Easy to install and set up due to the ONVIF technology.
  • The zoom feature works just fine to view images that are far without getting closer to them.


  • The motors can produce some noise from time to time
  • The smallest glitch in setup may send you back to the shop for a brand new camera

Guide to Choose the Best Parking Lot Security Cameras

There are two main kinds of parking lot security cameras in use these days. CCTV is the older analog system that many companies still use today.

A CCTV camera broadcasts a closed-circuit signal to an analog recording device, such as a DVR. The cameras will send footage to different channels on your DVR. A DVR usually has between four and sixteen other channels.

It will record what is going on in your parking lot and send footage to your monitors. These monitors will be in an on-site office, requiring frequent checking by yourself and your employees.

The other kind of security camera is an IP camera. This camera sends its footage to an NVR – a Network Video Recorder, using a PoE system (power over Ethernet).

It means that the power for your cameras runs through the same cord that sends your data, requiring fewer wires to run and install. An NVR system also has between four and sixteen channels for viewing.

The footage from IP parking lot security cameras can be accessed over the internet by your smartphone for remote viewing of your parking lot from anywhere you are.

The importance of video surveillance of your parking lot cannot be overstated. Besides making your customers feel secure and protected and keeping theft and vandalism in check, it is helpful for law enforcement to identify thieves or other criminals who commit crimes regardless of cameras.

It is also essential to have video proof of things such as accidents and damage to property. If someone claims to slip and fall on your property, it is good to have evidence of what happened.

A camera can protect you from false liability claims. Good security cameras make it safer to walk through dark parking lots and parking garages, where kidnappings and muggings are more likely to occur.

A camera system can track who goes onto your property, cutting down on trespassing. If your parking lot is a paid parking site, your surveillance cameras can catch people who try to park without paying, saving you from lost profits.

The Advantages of parking lot surveillance cameras

  • deter thieves from targeting your customers when they’re walking to their cars.
  • Prevent car thefts and vandalism.
  • Can record license plate numbers, which can be helpful to law enforcement.
  • Prevent false liability claims.
  • Prevent the theft of store property.
  • Can help settle auto collision disputes.
  • It can help you get a discount or reduced rate from your insurance provider.

Disadvantages of Parking Lot Security Cameras

  • Power outages can disrupt your video surveillance.
  • Thieves may target your cameras as an object to be stolen.
  • Rain and the wind can disrupt your video surveillance.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Parking Lot Security Cameras

How big is your parking lot? How much area you need to protect determines how many cameras you need and how to space them. Do you want fixed cameras or cameras that can pan and zoom by remote control?

If the latter, a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera is probably what you’ll be looking for. PTZ cameras can also be programmed to move to where motion sensors detect the action.

Do you want your security cameras to be hardwired or wireless? Wired cameras have a more stable signal but are more expensive and difficult to install. Wireless cameras can be placed anywhere and use Wi-Fi signals to send their data to your NVR.

You should probably consider a camera with good low-light recording or night recording. Most parking lot crimes occur at night, under cover of darkness. A thermal or infrared camera that captures heat signatures might be an excellent option to consider as well.

Do you want to go with an analog or digital system? The analog CCTV system is secure and suitable for on-site viewing and has high volume recording potential.

The digital IP system is suitable for remote viewing and has much higher video resolution than the CCTV system. It’s also easier to use with wireless systems, so cameras can go anywhere and cover more parking lot areas.

The placement of your cameras is critical. You want to put your cameras at the entrance and exit of your parking lot so you can see exactly who goes in and comes out.

Make sure you have enough cameras to ensure that your parking lot is fully secure. If your cameras are on a high, inaccessible pole, they are less likely to be stolen or vandalized.

Parking lot cameras: Final Words

In conclusion, parking lot security systems are one of the best ways to protect your business and customers. Security camera technology has gotten much better over the years and is getting better all the time.

With IP cameras, you can get alerts directly to your smartphone about unwanted activity on your property, making it much easier to notify the police promptly.

You can store more footage for more extended periods using cloud storage systems. And you can view your security footage from anywhere in the world, making your peace of mind for your parking lot very convenient.

Every parking lot needs security. And a video is worth a thousand words.

Parking Lot Security Cameras: Today’s Best Deals

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