Security Camera Installation Cost – Everything You Need To Know

security camera installation cost (Last Updated On: August 8, 2021)

When it comes to searching for security cameras, one of the things that people wonder about is the cost to install security cameras. And the answer is (like most things) it depends.

The most common factor of security system installation cost is whether you will do it by yourself or hire professionals for the job. The initial installation costs of a hardwired system are a bit higher compared to a wireless security system.

Unless you are handy, you will have to look for a professional’s assistance with knowledge on security systems to assist you to install your security camera properly.

Before we dive into installing security cameras – if you haven’t made a decision about which security system to buy, we recommend reading our guide to the best home security cameras.

We cover all the latest models from the best brands like Nest, Arlo, XMartO, Zosi, and more!

How much does it cost to install security camera systems?

The cost of installation is going to depend largely on the type of security camera system that you purchase. There are a few major factors that can affect cost:

Unmonitored VS Monitored Security Cameras

There are only 2 kinds of security models and these include unmonitored and monitored systems.

If you think of a burglar alarm, you think first of the monitored security, which is a company that guards your home through remote access to your alarm. However, recent years have seen the addition of DIY or unmonitored systems.

With monitored security systems, you pay a particular amount every month to an alarm company that offers 24/7 protection against not only break-ins, yet also some dangers including fire, smoke, temperatures, floods, and carbon monoxide.

They also have special protections from smash and crash. In fact, others have panic buttons, medical monitoring, and emergency response.

Your security system provider monitors your home for any unusual activity including an alarm that isn’t deactivated and calls for the police whenever needed.

This kind of security system needs a bit of responsibility on your part.

On the contrary, an unmonitored system is one you keep track of on your own. The benefits of such systems are that there’s no monthly charge, and you don’t have to hire someone to monitor your security system.

Depending on how costly your system, it might not include added protection against smoke, fire, floods, and carbon monoxide. It only means that you will need to purchase such components separately.

Some expensive unmonitored systems may be used through your smartphone or access over the internet, so you can monitor them when you’re away from home.

Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, there are other reasonably priced systems, you may buy and install by yourself.

Wireless VS Wired Home Security Cameras

One of the first things that you will make about home security is whether to install a wireless or wired system. If you think of alarm systems, you probably think of wired security with its maze of cables and sensors hardwired into your home’s door frames, windows, and walls.

Usually, the wired systems are costlier than wireless alarms because they need professional installation, expensive components as well as permanent modifications to your home.

One major difference here is NVR vs. DVR security camera systems, with DVR systems usually having a higher installation cost.

When it comes to cost, wireless home security cameras are much cheaper. Nowadays, you can find wireless security cameras available for as low as $50.

However, take note that the cost may vary as it depends on the features and upgrades included. Nevertheless, you also need to keep in mind that wireless security camera systems have limitations.

What You Should Know about Security Camera System Installation Service?

Regardless of what model or kind of security camera you have purchased, or you’re planning to buy, it is wise to consider a professional home security camera system installation service.

The best part about this service is that it includes various things that you should know when installing a home security camera.

Some things included are tutorial and programming for system use, camera placement consultation, concealing the cables in the walls or attics, running cables from the cameras to the recording device, and consultation on the placement of the camera.

If you’re wondering what to expect from a home security camera installation service, there will be an installer who will do the job for you.

This professional has the right tools needed for the mounting and installation process. He will also run and conceal the cables you supply between the cameras and DVR unit.

The cameras will need a power socket. There would also be a final assessment of the camera images that will be carried out to confirm that the system is functional and the installation is successful.

Providers aren’t expected to repair or patch the drywall if the holes should be cut to run the cables through the walls.


Amazon now offers in-home services, you can go here to order a home security camera installation, and they’ll match you with a local expert to perform the service.

If you feel like you’re up to the job, and you want to avoid the cost of installation service, check out our guide to installing a security camera.

But remember – giving your project to a professional who has years of experience will save you from headaches and time, which will ensure you that the job is done right.

And remember – if you haven’t made a decision about which security system to buy, we recommend reading our guide to the best home security cameras.

We cover all the latest models from the best brands like Nest, Arlo, XMartO, Zosi, and more!

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