What Are the Must Have in Your Kids Bedroom Remodel Project

A good quality mattress, duvet, and pillow are essential for a comfortable night’s sleep. A stylish range of
clothes, shoes, and handbags will add to the fun. Shelving units provide excellent storage solutions as
well as playing areas for games or toys – but when you want to remodel the nursery and try a change of
style on the walls with peel and stick wallpapers, there are several things you need.

This room is typically used for sleeping and reading. Planning a nursery remodel is a very necessary thing
as the room will be the place where your baby sleeps and plays. Here are the must-haves in the kid’s
bedroom remodel project.

Matching sheets

In order to create a very stylish nursery decor, it is advisable to get matching sheets for the cover
and pillow. The kids’ bedding sets include a comforter, pillowcase, sheet set, and matching valance or
curtain. For example, if you want to create a country theme, use flannel sheet sets with plaid patterns.
The more colorful the better.

A rug

Since your baby will also be using this room for playing and sleeping, it is important to have a rug that
firstly can complement the room’s decor but also give a comfortable feel. It is advisable to buy rugs
made of cotton yarn as they are soft, comfortable, and durable. The kids’ bedroom rugs should have bold
colors as they create an impression of size which makes the room look bigger.

Peel and stick wallpaper on the walls

You will find it difficult to remodel your kids’ bedroom without these. The walls of the nursery can be
decorated with some striking kids’ wallpaper designs such as circus or farm-themed ones. Personalize
each wall with a different design depending on the room’s theme. This can also be used to create a
border around the room’s edges and also over some furniture such as cabinets, shelves, dressers, and

Wall stickers

It is not advisable to buy expensive wallpaper for your kids’ bedroom. Simply peel and stick wall stickers
will work just fine. These are easy to apply, simply peel the paper sticker from the backing and stick it on
the wall – you don’t even need to use a frame!

Spin or stationary bikes

These days, most kids prefer running with their parents’ help when they get old enough. They might
start to dislike the idea of exercising alone because it’s boring. Stationary bikes are perfect for such kids
since they can run with their favorite cartoon characters. They can watch the TV while running on their

A large mirror in a pretty frame

Your kids will love to look at themselves in the mirror. As they grow up, they will appreciate being able
to admire themselves as soon as they wake up and also before getting ready for bed or going to sleep. A
lovely frame or any other type of decoration applied over the frame will add to its appeal.

A shoe rack or a storage cabinet

If you have several pairs of shoes, it is advisable to buy a shoe rack instead of a regular storage cabinet.
This will make them easier to organize and also keep your kids’ room clutter-free. If you don’t want
them to leave the room, hang clothes from their hooks and lock up their favorite toys.

Toys Chest

A well-organized toy chest is helpful in keeping their bedside tables and dressers free from toys. They
are also helpful in storing their favorite things as they grow up so they can easily find them. Another
option is to buy a huge play tree that is made of wood and can be mounted on the wall. This will give
them a place to hang their toys and keep them organized at the same time.

A baby cribs

You might have some little ones who will have a newborn baby in the house soon. In order to make the
room more practical, buy a baby crib instead of buying several beds. This is also an excellent idea if you
want to buy a new one later on.

Mattress protector/ bed sheet and pillowcase

It is important to use bed sheets and pillowcases to protect the mattress. It will keep it looking clean.
Also, if you have a comforter, buy a single bedsheet for the comforter. The more these things can be
customized the better.

A clock

A digital clock will look nice on a nightstand and it will also give your kids the idea of the time after they
wake up. You can also buy one that requires batteries as they are very convenient to operate. You can
also add some colorful decorations such as a china vase filled with fresh flowers to create a beautiful
nursery decor too.

A tissue boxes

If you are going to remodel the kids’ room, you will want to make sure there is a tissue box for them.
Place it on the nightstand so that when they sneeze, they will be able to reach it easily.

A lovable toy

Who doesn’t love a stuffed toy? Your child is no different, but don’t go overboard with buying too many
toys for their room. A favorite toy will do, but you can also buy a teddy bear or a doll.

If you want to nip up a dull and boring kids’ bedroom, you can try any of these must-have things. You
can choose the color scheme, decorate the walls and add storage space to your kids’ bedroom remodel
project. If you’re planning to have a toddler’s room, then different items will be needed.

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