Best Home Security Camera System

Surveillance must be an integral aspect of any home protection system. Home surveillance systems provide the ultimate peace of mind to homeowners and parents by allowing you to keep an eye on things even if you are not physically present. There is a new wave of smart cameras on the market that come with varying levels of complexity, capability and price tags. In this buying guide, you will learn more about the best home surveillance system and how to get the best home security camera system for your particular situation.

Why do I need a home security camera system?

Installing home security cameras offer protection in a number of ways. First and foremost, they offer peace of mind. A visible security camera can be a great deterrent and help prevent people from sneaking around your property. In cases where someone does come lurking, you have a video clip capturing what the person looks like and you can share that with your neighbors and the police. Just watch this random man wonder onto someone’s property looking for anything of value:


There are far more cases where having a camera allows you to prove a claim in your day to day life. For instance, if a delivery person drops a package and breaks the items inside. Or if you are a victim of a burglary, having video evidence of the act can help move the process move quickly when filing police reports or insurance claims.

Plus, with all of the new smart home appliances coming to market, integrating a home security camera can add to the feel that you’re living in the future. There’s nothing quite like having Alexa show you who is at the door when a stranger comes knocking.



On the lighter side of things, sometimes having a home security system will capture fun or excite moments that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. We can honestly say this is the closest view we’ve ever had of a woodpecker!



Best All Around Home Surveillance Camera System

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera SystemHome security camera systems are a real must have these days. The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System is one of those that you can find on the market today.

The Arlo cameras are guaranteed to be 100 percent completely wireless home security cameras. Yes, these are Wire-Free HD smart home security cameras. With this, you can be sure that you will be getting the exact shot you want, both inside and outdoors.

These cameras are also weatherproof. They also include night vision, apps, and motion detection. Arlo cameras can capture clips as well as send you alerts when you are away from home or even when you are right inside. This gives you the chance to enjoy the ultimate peace of mind.

Through Arlo cameras, you can see everyone in sharper details and stunning clarity. This is made possible by the HD cameras. You can also watch recorded or live streaming videos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with the use of the free app from Arlo.

Its night vision cameras allow HD clarity even with dark surroundings. The patented 100 percent wire-free design, as well as magnetic mounts, allows you to place the cameras discreetly where you want. It makes it possible to monitor your house from all possible angles.

The customizable activity alerts and motion activated cameras offer real-time app or email notifications both when you are at home or away from it. You can easily install these outdoor/indoor weatherproof cameras for DIY security for you to monitor your home’s exterior.

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Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit

Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera KitArlo security cameras are known for their incomparable features. That’s why once you purchase Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit, you can be assured that you won’t look for more. Everything you need to cover each angle outdoor or indoor is never a problem with this security camera kit.

Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit has the best 1080p HD video as well as two-way audio. Security is also much affordable and simple with the free cloud recordings and flexibility in expanding your system.

The system features three wireless Arlo cameras, an Arlo Q camera, an outdoor mount, three silicone skins, and two magnetic wall mounts. When compared to other security cameras, Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit is completely wireless and weatherproof. This just means that it can be used outdoors or indoors.

When it comes to its design, Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit boasts its patented style and magnetic mounts that enable users to place the cameras wherever you want and keep track of your home from each possible angle.

Arlo VMK3200-100NAS Security Camera Kit is also ideal for indoor monitoring with two-way audio and live streaming for 24/7. With this feature, you can quickly monitor what your kids are doing or what your pets are up to when you are away.

Depending on your preferences, you can either watch recorded videos or live streamed videos in clarity from your tablet, computer or smartphone with the use of the free app provided by Arlo. So, you do not need to pay extra charge to use the app.

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Best Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security CameraThe Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera might be a bit lacking in its security camera function but this smart camera certainly has lots of amazing features that homeowners will love.

First off, the quality of footage for its night and day capture is exceptional. There is also an alert system to detect people as well as a two-way engagement to let you talk to visitors and ward off any unwanted guests, whether you are at home or not, using the app.

With this said, it is best to know that this camera is not free from any shortcomings. For one, you will have to install this properly as this can be easily taken out not like a hardcore dedicated security camera and there is no ability to control its position using a remote.

The longevity of this capture is also limited to merely three hours unless you are happy to spend an extra every month for the Nest Aware subscription which will give you a chance to capture from 10 or 30 days prior.

Nest company is known for making top of the line smart home products and so, if you are thinking of getting a smart camera for outside your home, it certainly deserves to be included in your shortlist. While this might not be a hardcore security camera, it is still pretty handy.

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xmartO Wireless Security Camera

xmartO WOS1388-1TB Wireless Security CameraxmartO Wireless Security Camera features an eight-channel 960p high definition wireless security NVR, 1TB hard drive, and IP66 outdoor night vision cameras. With 2 external Wi-Fi antennas and a built-in router, this NVR forms its very own stable and strong Wi-Fi to the cameras with distance up to a thousand feet line of sight.

With the latest Dream Liner Wi-Fi of xmartO, users can easily set the cameras themselves as the Wi-Fi repeaters to extend the distance to two to three times of the WiFi distance. The eight wireless weather resistant cameras have three infrared LED arrays, which enable you to see up to eighty feet in the darkness. It means you can install cameras anywhere in or outside of your premise.

xmartO WallPixel App as well as cloud technology allows you to view the system on your device in just three simple steps. The app enables you to group different systems to view up to sixteen cameras simultaneous anytime and anywhere. Video playback isn’t just a feature limited to NVR screen. Through the app, you can playback videos in your hands. In addition to that, without any enhancement, the camera streams smoothly to NVR from a thousand feet away, which far the most applicable and best Wi-Fi camera kit.

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Best Indoor Security Camera

Amcrest ProHD 1080p WiFi IP Security Camera

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD WiFi IP Security CameraAmcrest ProHD 1080p Wi-Fi security camera will help you stay in touch all the time with the things you love, anywhere, anytime. Through the quick and easy mobile setup process, you can expect to get secure access to the video stream of your camera in no time at all. You can playback recorded or stream live video of your home, kids, and your pets on the go made possible by the Amcrest View app.

The Amcrest Cloud provides optional cloud recording with the free live viewing as well as four hours of free storage of video. This can be accessed from all devices including Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Android devices.

The Amcrest cameras can also record to internal microSD, upload to FTP and record to Armcrest Network Video Recorder. Every Amcrest camera comes with night vision, two-way talk, remote tilt/pan, improved digital zoom, and smart motion alerts. The cameras also have 90-degree viewing angle, email snapshots and alerts, and advanced options for recording. They also come with wireless AES WPA2 encryption and secure SSL/HTTPs connection.

When you have the Amcrest ProHD installed in your home, you will never be out of loop ever again. The Amcrest cameras are very compatible with the Foscam cameras when you use AmcrestCloud, Blue Iris for Windows PC, Amcrest NVRs. These can also be used with TinyCam Monitor for Android and Live Cams Pro for iOS.

Thanks to all these features, you know that this surveillance system will never let you down.

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Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

nest cam security cameraEvery time you are not a home, it is very normal to feel worried about your kids, pets and your valuables. The feeling of not knowing what is happening at your home can make you feel anxious.

Is there any burglar that tries to steal your belongings? What is your dog up to inside your home?  What if you are not at home and your child suddenly takes his very first step? Is everything at home safe and sound?

Needless to say, not everyone is always at home to see what is going on. Good thing that with Nest Cam Security Camera, you will be able to check in even if you are out.

This security surveillance offers 24/7 live video streaming. With this, you can see your home right on your phone in 1080HD. You can also control the Nest Cam no matter where you are. It will also make sound and motion alerts for you to know if something happens. It can also give instant alerts to your phone.

The night vision of this security system has also been done right. You can see the entire room even at night with only a limited spotlight view. You can also talk and listen with this security system. It will let you watch if your dog sits on the couch and tell him right away to get off.

It offers quick and easy setup. All you need to do is plug in Nest Cam then download Nest App for you to get started. With no Hub needed, you will never miss a thing with this system.

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Best 16 Channel Security Camera System

GW Security Inc 16 Channel Security Camera System

GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera SystemSurveillance camera system becomes one of the most important things to have at present. If you need a security camera system that works, GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System is a good choice. It comes with many features that are guaranteed to help you secure your place in no time.

One of the features of GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System is PoE or Power over Ethernet, which is a single network cable that connects directly every IP camera to NVR supplying both a video and power signal. Through this, you won’t have to look for extra power cable. All you need to do is to plug a cable for the camera and it is good to go.

Every IP camera also delivers 5MP that is guaranteed to offer you larger and sharper video and image than other security cameras with low capacity. There is also a quick QR code scan that will let you download the app easily.

The app provided by GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System can be downloaded in different operating systems. Regardless of the OS of your device, you can control the camera system through its app without dealing with any hassles.

Its remote access feature also gives users the power to control and access live videos and recorded files in several devices. With the camera’s high resolution, you don’t also need to worry about the quality of the videos produced by GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System even in low light conditions.

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Honorable Mentions

Amcrest 960H Video Security System

Amcrest 960H Video Security SystemAmcrest 960H Professional Video Security System is among the in demand surveillance systems these days among many homeowners. Reliable, secure and simple, this system allows you to recording the most professional quality of widescreen videos. This is made possible by the four cameras that are all high resolution. These cameras can all be managed together with the recordings almost with no effort.

The simple but robust software interface of the DVR makes the system the real paragon of a friendly engineering. Considered as the latest breakthrough in today’s consumer market for the private security technologies, Amcrest 960H has been further improved.

This comes in the form of DIY installation, advanced motion detection, full weather proofing, and remote web browser with smartphone viewing. The system also has night vision and one of a kind long distance transmit range.

Every purchase that you make from the authorized retailers of Amcrest comes with a one year domestic warranty and Lifetime Support. This makes the quality engineered suite of Amcrest 960H device among the best values that you can get from a purchase of home video security system.

This Amcrest system comes with four high resolution and heavy duty metal weatherproof cameras of 800+ TVL IP66 for excellent video clarity and quality. Meanwhile, its 24 IR LEDS will automatically activate once they detect some low lighting conditions. These can see as much as 20 meters away.

You can make the most Scheduled recordings and Motion Detection together with the Night Vision for you to have complete control on the protection of everything you care about.

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Kuna Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Light and Camera

Maximus Smart Home Security OutdoorDay or night, the Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Camera system of Kuna detects movement at your door as well as sends actionable alerts to your Android or iOS, enabling you to take action safely with the use of the lights, 2-way intercom, HD live video feed, 100+ decibel siren, and prerecorded deterrent messages of Kuna.

Maximus Smart Home Security Outdoor Camera System powers a variety of HD outdoor smart lights and home security cameras that you control from your smartphone. With this, you will feel secure and safe knowing you’re protecting your home and family, regardless of where you are. This home security system will get you covered, regardless if it’s the backyard, front door or your home’s side entrance. With its life HD video feed, cloud recordings, and advanced activity alerts, Maximus Smart Security System will help you keep an eye on what will matter to you the most, night and day.

Kuna starts recording ten seconds before an event is triggered, which ensures you always have an entire story. There is no limit on the number of the HD events captured. Other than that, there is a free two-hr look back. You can download all events for two hours and the best thing about it is that this is for free and can be enjoyed up to a month on a premium plan.

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XMartO Wireless Camera

xmartO WOS1344 picThe XMartO Wireless Camera is another incredible camera system. Users say this system is one of the best wireless security camera around and that it holds the very quality it claims to hold in its online description and from the user reviews.

The camera is incredible, from the way the system is designed all the way to the design of the phone app. This camera also has a free app that comes with it, so you can bring your video footage with you when you are out and about and still stay in the loop and keep an eye on things at your home or business. The only complaint regarding this product is that video quality is sometimes not as consistent as one would hope it would be.

The video footage can sporadically cut in and out, leaving you with some blank footage on the security tape. However, it is not a common problem and it has definitely not stopped users from raving about the system and continuing to purchase it for safety use. One of the finest parts of this system is that it has a great reputation when it comes to night footage.

The quality is almost as if you were watching a video that was recorded in daylight. Don’t let the earlier complaint we mentioned about sporadic video footage keep you from trying out this system. It is truly a quality system that comes at a reasonable and fair price. It includes everything a great home security system should have: a free app so you can take your system with you remotely, excellent night vision capabilities, wonderful daytime vision qualities, and an easy setup and installation experience that will leave you happy and satisfied.

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Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security CamerasThe smart wireless security cameras are the trend these days and one of the options you can find in the market is Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras.

This particular security system boasts of a quick and easy setup. All you need to do is turn the camera on and a single click will complete its network configuration. You can also download the Zmodo app for free from Apple or Google store although this does not support Windows phones.

With this kit from Zmodo, you can be sure that you will remain connected at all times. You can seamlessly stream videos through the mobile app for Android and iOS or via your internet browser on the official website of the company.

There are also intelligent motion alerts that will be sent to you every time motion is detected. With its full 720P high definition image quality, you can be sure that you will be seeing detailed and clear images with its high resolution.

Thanks to the IR night vision, you can also see and check whatever is happening even in the dark, made possible by the automatic infrared lights to as much as 80 feet.

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Reolink RLC-410 Outdoor IP Security Camera

Reolink RLC-410 Outdoor IP Security CameraDo you want a durable security camera for outdoor? If your answer is yes, you can consider Reolink RLC-410 outdoor IP security camera.

Reolink RLC-410 is an outdoor IP security camera with 100 ft. wide viewing angle and night vision, which captures much sharper and clearer videos and images, good for hallways, driveways, and so on. It also comes with PoE feature with only a single Ethernet cable, optional PoE injector or switch, waterproof camera, no power adapter required, easy setup, and perfect for retail stores, residential areas, and outdoor and indoor places.

Other features of Reolink RLC-410 include motion recording, motion detection, app push notifications, motion sensibility adjustment, FTP upload videos and snapshots, and real-time motion alerts through email. Because of its smart and accurate motion detection, false alarm is reduced. It also comes with an intuitive and free Reolink Client and mobile app ideal for Mac, PC, Android or iPhone. Users will love that this feature can be used without the need for monthly subscription fee. It also supports at least eight camera sources, remote view, live view, live stream control, motion detection, as well as recorded video playback. For improved and better audio function and recording, Reolink RLC-410 is equipped with microphone and 3 TB HDD.

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Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFi Surveillance Security Camera

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD WiFiHomeowners would go out of their way to ensure that their homes and families will stay safe and protected at all times. Thankfully, there are now security cameras which can help them achieve exactly just that. One of these security cameras is Vimtag HD VT361.

This security camera allows its users to stay at home virtually when you are outdoors. It is especially useful if you are out for a trip or vacation so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected and safe.

Among the attractive features of this surveillance security camera is its Wi-Fi connectivity, making it desirable in all electronic devices you might have. The next big thing is its remote live video streaming which lets you connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet with your camera on the server to let you stay connected all the time. Wherever you might be in the world, so long as your devices are all connected, you can gain access to every footage and recording feed. You just need to set up the camera’s remote viewing feature and you are ready to go.

This camera is also extremely user-friendly and you can position and tilt it according to your personal convenience.

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Funlux 4 Outdoor Security Camera

Funlux 4 Outdoor Security CameraFunlux 4 Outdoor 720 HD Security Camera is an all-in-1 four channel NVR kit that allows four outdoor 720p cameras to set up and connect in just several minutes. You do not have to know about the network or computer.

With the simple design of Funlux 4 Outdoor 720 HD Security Camera, the setup is much easier. No extra adapters or cables are required for included IP cameras. Just plug a cable for a single camera, scan the provided QR code, and you’ll quickly view the videos or live video on your Android or iOS device.

Its NVR is compatible in several PC systems such as Windows Vista, 8, 7, and XP. It is also suitable in smartphone systems like Android 2.3 up and iOS 5 up. Its Remote Access is ideal on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Its camera includes weatherproof capability, night vision, IR LEDs, and lens. Since it is weatherproof, you can use it outside your property to monitor everything like who’s outside your gate or door.

Funlux 4 Outdoor 720 HD Security Camera is also backed with 1 year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. There’s also a lifetime technical support you can take advantage whenever you have concerns about using it.

Overall, the package includes four bullet IP network cameras, two camera cables, 2 camera cables, a mouse, a CAT5e network cable, and an NVR. An app is also available for you to access the videos through your mobile devices like smartphone and computer.

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Methodology for Product Selection: How We Select Top Products

Due to the important role that surveillance plays in people’s everyday lives, surveillance companies managed to come up with hundreds of choices for customized home security systems. However, with extensive selections available, you can find it difficult to pick the solution perfect for you.

Good home surveillance cameras offer high resolution outdoor and indoor capabilities. Thanks to the advancements of wireless technology, you can expect for more flexibility and less mess.

In this buying guide, we have chosen our top products based on some crucial factors:

Resolution:- Surveillance cameras have different resolutions and in general, you can expect to pay more to get higher quality of image. When it comes to resolution, it is important to know if you find color more important or if you want night vision compatibility. We have set an average resolution for models that we looked out. However, you can still choose to invest in sharper images or cameras with better range for improved outdoor monitoring.

Wireless Capability:- Most in surveillance systems are made wireless compatible. You can also use your WiFi connection for streaming live video direct on your mobile device or computer. There are tech providers offering apps while some will require you to use browser for you to log in and see real time footage.

Many outdoor models don’t have any wireless capability, requiring you to hook the cables to your monitor or DVR for you to review the video feed.

Audio:- Majority of home models have built in microphones. This is ideal for listening in on your little ones or to keep an ear on your pets. Many of the security cameras for home come with two-way audio capacities, allowing you to talk to the people or even your pet on the other line. Most of the outdoor models don’t count on audio surveillance and we also identified the surveillance systems that come with mics.

Outdoor/indoor Capability:- It is really a matter of question as to where you will set up your security cameras. In case you are using this exclusively as baby monitor or to keep an eye on your dog while you are out of town, you might want to go for an in-home model.

This model doesn’t come with weatherproofing as well as durability of the rest of the cameras. The outdoor surveillance cameras must have the capacity to handle extreme temperatures and snow and rain.

Design:- Virtually, there are endless choices available for design of security cameras for home. However, the most common models include mounted circular, dome shaped or bullet shaped. Many of them come with attachment cables and mounting stands, although not all of them include these in the packaging bundle. You have to look into this before you make a purchase since you may want to pick up extra components to make the camera compatible with the rest of the system.

These are the primary things that we look into in order to help us choose the best home surveillance systems.


Why Buy Home Surveillance System?

home security camera systemThanks to the advancement of technology and decreasing prices of cameras and other types of electronic devices, the surveillance systems are now common household option. The thing was completely different from what happened 10 years ago. Back then, these systems are high tech luxuries that can be found only mansions of multimillionaires.

Aside from that, crime rates are also high on the rise and no one will want to be left out without any form of possible protection. There are many reasons why people may want to get home surveillance systems. Below are the top reasons why you need to by one for your house as soon as possible:

Keep Potential Burglars at Bay

There is actually no need for you to catch criminals and produce them before the courts as service to your community. What you want to do instead is discourage potential criminals from attempting burglary. When you install surveillance systems with visible cameras, the burglars may search for other targets.

Some homeowners use dummy cameras to serve this purpose. However, real cameras are much better than non-functioning cameras since they will provide the information that you want. On top of that, they will let you keep a close tab on your family and property.

Sleep Tight and Feel Safe 

Many people are very afraid to be robbed. This may not necessarily be a phobia but every now and then, you may wake up in the middle of the night startled by a sudden noise.

You might then find it difficult to go back to sleep without ensuring that no one really entered your house. With the help of a home surveillance system, you can now say goodbye to all these worries.

By installing this kind of system, you can visualize the back door, front door and any potential entry points from the comforts of your bedroom. This way, you can have the best sleep ever without any disruptions.

Nanny Cameras

There are some parents who cannot be completely assured unless they can directly view their children. Nanny cameras are the perfect answer to these anxious parents. Nanny cameras can be installed at your kid’s room and monitor your little one’s activities from your phone, laptop or tablet even when you are miles away.

These cameras can deter instances of nannies abusing the child or leaving him unattended. This also helps in monitoring any possible emergencies at home so you can act accordingly. More often than not, people get robbed, yet the burglars don’t leave any trace behind. With the use of remote home surveillance system, you’ll have hard evidence against burglars that can be produced before the courts. Using your videos, law enforcement agencies can quickly trace the culprits.

Other than that, if you want to be informed at all times, having a surveillance system for home by your front door will let you know the individuals who walk through the gate and the person standing by your door long before you open it.


What to look for in a home security camera

While picking a security system for your office or home, you need to take note a lot of things in mind like where it should be installed, how many cameras you need, for what purpose you need them, and much more. It isn’t an easy job and you need to be clear about your requirements. Below are the things to be considered when purchasing a surveillance system:

Need 1 or More Than 1 Camera?

Whether you pick a single or numerous cameras, a surveillance solution depends on the layout and size of your property. If you need to know what is happening outside or any rooms, you will need to install more than 1 camera for good surveillance area.

Generally, a lot of homes and small businesses can be monitored easily using 4 cameras. One should ensure that every camera will focus on the primary areas of space you are monitoring including the doorways and some entrances or opening such as crawl spaces, roofs, windows, and anywhere intruders can gain access. You may also increase the number of cameras as per your needs.

Will You Be Using the Cameras Outdoors or Indoors?

Several surveillance cameras are designed for either outdoor or indoor use. The indoor cameras are lighter, smaller, and less visible compared to outdoor cameras. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are much expensive compared to indoor models because they are designed to withstand not only weather elements, but also the attacks from thieves, vandals, intruders, and so on.

A lot of higher quality security cameras are made for both outdoor and indoor use. For extra area of hidden protection, the outdoor surveillance cameras may be disguised as anything you want.

Lighting Conditions

While majority of office and business compounds are well lit during night time, yet homes aren’t seen well lit. The dimly lit a particular area, the more likely thieves will see this as their target. If you like to protect an area that has poor lighting, you will need to get infrared camera systems.

Cameras that have IR features are also renowned as night vision cameras, which can record and shoot in complete darkness. Several cameras might not be infrared ones, yet they could also function in areas with dim lights. For you to compare the features, several manufacturers offer a minimum illumination rating that’s known as LUX.

What Level of Recording Resolution Do You Need?

It’s a known question in terms of surveillance systems. Around 550 lines are good for indoor systems to monitor single area under proximity. If you like to use a surveillance system for long distance, it would be a good idea to choose those that have cameras with 720p that provide satisfactory image quality.

How Wide or Far Angle the Security Cameras May Cover?

The answer to this basically depends on the size of the camera lens. Therefore, before you purchase, you must see the size of the lens and the focal length it can cover. The bigger image sensors enable more light into the picture and will give you wider and better view of a picture.

Do I Require Weatherproof Cameras?

If you like to use a surveillance system outdoor, it is a wise idea to go with the cameras that can withstand any weather disturbance. It offers a sense of peace to know the cameras aren’t affected by extreme snow, wind or rain. You may also place these under an area or awning that’s dry and covered.

There are other things you need to keep in mind when finding a surveillance system for your needs. You have to remember that every system has its unique way of allowing clients to view the videos that the system offers. One should also consult the manual for other details.

Majority of DVRs are basically remote viewing capable out of the box. You may watch recorded videos and live events from any computer. You may also use the apps give by several systems for you to experience hassle-free viewing on your PC or Android phones. All you need is internet connection.

The brand or company of a surveillance system is also important. You should only deal with the company that is known for its reputation. It must also have a good customer support for you to get quick answer or solution once issues arise. While purchasing any type of surveillance system, you should ask yourself some questions that will help you find what’s really best for you.

If you are not sure with what you really want, it is also a good idea to ask for a professional or an expert to explain about the features of your chosen surveillance system and how perfect it is for your requirements. If possible, you can also ask for recommendations or suggestions. This way, you won’t need to shop around.



Using and purchasing a surveillance system requires thorough research, careful thought, and planning beforehand. Understand exactly what you like the camera to do and understand its capabilities will let you select the exact device for your requirements.

When shopping around, make sure to consider both the positive and negative reviews of a particular surveillance system. The main reason behind it is that this will let you determine if your chosen product is really a good investment or you have to find another one for your needs. Comparing your current surveillance system from the new ones will also enable you to figure out if you need an upgrade or not.