Best Smart Locks

Smart locks one of the most vital aspect of every connected home of today. These locks don’t just let you come and go as you please. They can temporarily grant access to friends, family, and the delivery man. They lock the door behind you when you leave in case you (or one of your children) forget. And they can monitor who enters and leaves your home while you are away. Some smart locks can even be activated through the use of voice commands or triggers coming from other home automation services and devices.

Smart locks will change the way you think about securing your home, and connecting them to larger smart home systems can make your life so much easier. In this guide we review the best smart dead bolt locks, cover the pros and cons of each, and share our top pick.


Choosing the Best Smart Dead Bolts

When shopping for the best security locks for your home, there are several key considerations that you have to keep in mind.


Each lock has its own set of unique features. Most smart locks come with a mobile app which lets you lock and unlock your doors with a mere tap on an icon. There are also others that provide a web app which lets you control things straight from your laptop or desktop. Many of the apps also allow addition of temporary and permanent users and set schedules for access for certain times and days.

When the lock is enabled by Bluetooth, you need to be within range to communicate with this. Meanwhile, locks with Wi-Fi bridge or circuitry can also be controlled from virtually anywhere provided that they have been connected to your home router.

The newest smart locks also provide other things such as auto-locking features, geofencing and voice activation. Some other features you might want to look for are keyless touchpads for instances when you left your keys or phone; forced and tamper entry alarms to warn you of potential break in and text, email and push notifications to inform you who comes and goes in real time.



It is important to ensure that you look for smart locks which are not difficult to install. The good news is that majority of smart locks make use of standard pre-drilled holes, which means that there is no need for you to drill new ones.

In addition, there are some available smart locks today that can be attached to the inside of the door and have been designed to use the existing deadbolt hardware and keyed cylinder you got. It means that the only thing you have to do is remove the interior escutcheon.

No matter what you choose, you can expect to spend anywhere around 10 to 25 minutes in removing the old lock you got and installing the new smart one.



There are some locks which have been integrated with other connected devices in your home such as smoke alarms and other services. For instance, you can have the doors unlike when a CO or smoke alarm has been triggered or have some smart lights turn on once a door has been unlocked.

Depending on the automation setup in your home, you can also pair your lock with connected doorbell cam so that you will be able to see who is at your door before you even unlock it. You can also have an interior camera start recording the moment a door has been unlocked. Take note that you get more features, you should also be prepared to spend a little bit more.



The last but definitely not the least consideration when shopping for smart locks is the price it will cost you for upgrading your traditional lock. Don’t forget that smart locks cost so much more than the standard locks you can easily buy at the hardware store in your area.


Best Smart Locks Reviews

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation



August Smart Lock 2nd GenerationAugust smart lock is a second generation electromagnetically lock with advanced features. It works with Amazon Alexa. It can lock your door automatically when you leave and unlock on its own when you come back. That means it has identification sensor that helps it to recognize you as you approach. It can grant and restrict access to your visitors according to your instruction. This smart lock allows you to control your entrance door from your smart phone or other kits such as Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, and Apple Home kit. You can keep your deadbolt as it replaces only the inside. It is easy and fast to install. It allows you to use voice control to regulate the device by installing Amazon Alexa, Apple Home kit, or Google assistant. It helps you to keep track or monitor who is coming and going from the house 24/7.


  • Allows you lock or unlock your door using your smart phone
  • Let you check if your door is locked or unlocked
  • Good quality of pictures
  • 100 percent wire-free
  • Works with other home security appliances


  • Takes some time before it starts recording
  • Needs to have an arbitrary time


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Schlage Z-Wave Connect BE469 Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen DeadboltThe Schlage Connect BE469NX CAM 619 Touchscreen Deadbolt is a great choice when it comes to smart locks. It looks like a fairly standard deadbolt and should fit most standard doors. Even though it doesn’t scream “high-tech lock”, it’s one of the most fully featured smart locks on the market. It even integrates with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Thanks to the special feature of the ANSI Grade 1 topnotch residential security, the top dead bolt for homes provides the most secure system for locking you can ever find. This boasts of a durable resistive touch screen with a matte finish in order to protect it against smudges and fingerprints.

Its keyless feature frees you from worries of forgetting or losing your keys somewhere. Also, the advanced feature of fingerprint resistant ensures that your pass code will never be traced by intruders of any means.

Its special function of the Z-wave technology connects you with your home using your car or smartphone. Its built in audible alarm sensor also makes security higher and better.


  • Sturdy with solid bolt and stronger mechanism
  • Extremely vulnerable rekeying technology from Kwikset
  • More weather resistant Schlage keypad


  • Difficult to read display under direct sunlight
  • Shaky Z-wave integration


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Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Fingerprint Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise

Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Fingerprint Push PullSamsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock Fingerprint Push PullSamsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock makes it more convenient to operate your doors with a mere push with no need for any turns. It boasts of a Push Pull innovation, where you just need to pull from the inside and push from the outside. With the advanced Push Pull design, it offers more ease and convenience on a regular basis for door operations.

Similar to operating doors in cars, ONE Step Push and Pull innovation can open a new technique for operating residential doors more convenient and comfortable. This is what makes Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock one of the most absolute best smart door locks, made even better with the use of the breakthrough personal fingerprint scanning method.

Its convenient authentication methods are meant to reduce the worries about getting your passwords hacked or losing or misplacing your keys. The revolutionary fingerprint recognition system can also increase safety and security.

This smart lock also enhances user convenience through easy closing and opening of door to get admission. The critical pad panel is being roofed robotically after you press the center open lock button o the door, which enhances the protection of the dedicated fingerprint identification panel.

With the ability to register and recognize as much as 100 fingerprints, Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Door Lock smart door lock system can also be used by small and medium businesses.


  • Push Pull innovation
  • Convenient authentication methods
  • State of the art fingerprint recognition system
  • Registers and recognizes 100 fingerprints
  • Double authentication mode setting
  • Equipped IR sensor
  • Locking Notification Feature


  • One master password and not 10 as indicated


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Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad DeadboltAre you starting to feel inconvenienced by the use of your keys to unlock and lock your door every time you leave? There are cases when your locks no longer offer the highest level of security system. But what is more irritating is when you misplaced your key or lost it by accident. When this happens, you have no choice but to stay outside your home and hope that a locksmith will come to your rescue. Good thing that with Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, you can finally say goodbye to these worries.

Through it special feature of keyless entry, it will be easier and more relaxed for you since you don’t have to bring your keys with you all the time. This also lets you delete, change or add user codes with great ease. This deadbolt for homes is perfect for front doors, back and side doors and garage entry doors. This also comes with a long battery life of as much as 3 years. You definitely don’t have to worry that you will replace it regularly. It is easy to install and compatible with 1- 1-3/8-to-1-3/4-inch thick doors


  • Stylish looks
  • Wide array of high tech home automation features
  • Among the most functional locks available


  • Need to spend an extra $60 on Nexia Bridge to take full advantage of all home automation features
  • Comes with a monthly fee of $9.99 that can put off some homeowners from buying this smart lock


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Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with SmartKeyKids are among those who can be very careless when it comes to keeping your house keys. Every time you are away from home, you just want to leave your keys with your children to let them easily get inside the house after school. However, it is never easy to fully entrust your kids as far as your house keys are concerned. Chances are they will end up losing them and they will be left outside until you finally get home. The good news is that the Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt is here to address all these problems.

Kwikset 909 is a top dead bolt for homes which offers excellent security. Thanks to its feature of re-key technology, it is the best dead bolt for homes with customized automatic door locking option in a matter of 30 seconds, which let you get ultimate peace of mind every time you get in and out your home.

Its special feature of one touch locking complimented by a motorized deadbolt and a backlit keypad makes visibility so much better. On top of that, you can also enter as much as eight access codes, all of which are customizable. This is extremely easy to install and will also make you feel very safe.


  • Electronic locking is very useful and effective
  • Installation requires less than 20 minutes
  • Smartkey is amazing when you got other Kwikset locks
  • More affordable compared to other smart locks


  • Interior house plate is made of plastic and not metal
  • Locking mechanism is a bit noisy


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Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology

Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave TechnologyThe Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Z-Wave Technology is a special type of exterior lock with a lever and keypad. This comes either in satin nickel or you can also go for the aged bronze or bright bass variants. The lock can use either a code or a key.

Every member of your family can also have a separate code so you will be able to determine who is at home at specific times of the day. You can also choose to get an email or text when a family member makes use of his or her code.

The Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 also lets you give visitors their dedicated codes to your house. These codes can be deleted, added or changed remotely. The lock system’s Z-Wave technology will let you run your entire Z-Wave devices using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It can also include lights, locks, cameras and thermostats from anywhere using the Nexia Home Intelligence. So far, you can buy the Nexia Home Bridge separately and this also comes with a monthly description. The keypad and lever are both backlit, giving you light every time you enter your home in the dark. This smart lock also comes with one year warranty.


  • Keypad never fails to operate correctly
  • High quality hardware
  • Nice surface finish
  • Everything feels robust
  • Remote operation
  • Illuminate keypad
  • Ability to trigger events on the rest of the hardware that runs on your Z-Wave network


  • Difficult to visually tell if your door is locked or not
  • Not possible to lock the door with the key
  • Key can only be used for unlocking the door
  • Internal portion is slightly on a larger side


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Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universial Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universial DeadboltDo you have plans to set out for a long trip where you have to leave your house unattended for an extended period of time? Obviously, there is no way for you to experience peace of mind unless you have a reliable locking system. Now, it will no longer be a problem and you can relax during your entire trip knowing that your house and properties are protected by the Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universial Deadbolt Digital Door Lock.

Boasting of a capacity of 4 to 12 digit number combination, it is a great smart lock for homes as it offers improved and state of the art locking system. You will also be able to access the deadbolt using the authentication RFID card scan. This alarm system has been especially designed to be temper proof, which makes it resistant to high voltage and harsh weather together with a fire detecting sensor.

This smart lock system also takes pride in its stylish and sleek design, making it suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Through the advanced anti-theft move, the smart look also takes your home security to the next level, keeping the intruders at bay.


  • Provides double authentication mode for enhanced security
  • Very sleek design, looks great both outside and inside homes
  • Great auto locking mechanism which locks quickly
  • Can offer battery backup
  • Can be unlocked using RFID card or a code
  • Can connect to home automation system


  • Motor can be improved
  • Installation is a bit difficult

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Types of Keyless Entry Door Locks

Keypad Door Locks

keypad door lockKeypad door locks were some of the earliest electronic locks in the market. They were designed with keypads where one was supposed to key in a pin number to open the door. Today, a lot of improvements have been made on the system to boost their burglar-proof capabilities. To start with, the buttons have been replaced by a touch screen, and majority of the devices come with built-in alarms to deter burglars. When a wrong pin is entered more than three times, the alarm automatically goes off.

Thanks to the keypad door locks, it is now easier to safeguard your personal privacy even from family members. The technology of these systems make it possible to issue temporary codes which can be changed easily at any given time. The days of looking for a locksmith whenever you lose the house keys are long gone. You can now enjoy some peace of mind and save a lot on costs & expenses.


Radio Frequency Identification Locks (RFID)

The RFID lock systems use key cards which contain data encoded on a machine-readable RFID chip. The data programmed on the card usually contains information about the user. Therefore, whenever the card is used to access different areas of an organization, or hotel, the information is stored in the control system and can be retrieved later should the need arise.

Now, the good thing with these cards is that they use radio waves. Therefore, the card doesn’t need any physical contact with the reader for it to work.  Provided you are within a few feet of the reader’s antenna, data will be transmitted and you will be able to gain entry. It is very ideal in situations when you come home loaded with bags of grocery and can’t reach your pocket for the card.


Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

A biometric door lock works the same way as a fingerprint lock on a smartphone or laptop. Once you have bought the system and installed it on your door, you are supposed to program your fingerprint, and for those you want to have access to your home into the lock. This enables the system to identify the fingerprints thereby opening the door.

Most of the locks using this technology can accept up to 150 fingerprint entries. That number can accommodate all your family members, friends, and workers too. Plus, you are at liberty to reprogram at any time when adding or removing an individual’s fingerprints from the system. Here, you do not have to worry about anybody stealing a code, let alone losing any keys. The key to your premises is right at your fingertip – literally.


Bluetooth Door Locks

Lastly, we have the Bluetooth-enabled locks, such as August’s popular Smart Lock. They work by sensing your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and opening whenever you are close to the lock. It is a very efficient and secure lock system.

Well, you might be wondering what if you forget your smartphone or its battery dies while on your way home? That would be unfortunate but won’t prevent you from getting into the building. There are several fall-back plans meant to protect you from such a misfortune. One involves entering a directional code on the lock keypad to get it open.

From this information, it is evident that the greatest benefit of these door locks is the convenience of keyless entry. No keys mean you do not have to worry about losing them. The initial cost of purchasing a keyless door lock is nothing compared to the constant charges paid to a locksmith for rekeying, and changing locks. Furthermore, a good number of the traditional locks were easy to defeat.

One other advantage of the keyless door locks is that they are easy to install. Most of them do not need additional wiring to be set up. You can actually install them by yourself if you follow the manufacturer’s manual to the latter.

Nevertheless, there are several challenges you should be aware of when picking your best keyless door lock or touchscreen deadbolt system. First, for those locks that are located outside, you’ll have to look for one that is weather resistant. A backlight on the screen of the lock is also important for visibility at night. To be safe, you should try talking to a seasoned locksmith or security expert in your area, to help you out. After all, they understand the systems better and are likely to get you a more pocket-friendly deal with a good warranty.


Smart Locks

Smart locks are security locks which can be operated remotely by using apps. This lock has brought about a lot of convenience to homeowners and businesses. Through home security automation, you can integrate the smart devices in your premises for easy control. For instance, if you happen to be away from home and your alarm system detects some irregularities, you can send somebody to the house to check it out.

Once they are outside the door, you can let them in remotely with a single touch on your smart device. The same applies for technicians who come to repair or install appliances. You unlock the door for them from the comfort of your office and lock it once they leave. No more walking around with a heavy bunch of keys. Your smart device puts you in control of all the systems in the home. You could change the air conditioner’s temperature, turn lights on and off, among other amazing things.



These are some of the most popular and best smart locks (electronic deadbolts with keyless door locks) that any homeowner like you might want to look into. Every lock has its own set of pros and cons and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs and requirements. If a smart lock isn’t right for you, but you’re still looking for a way to beef up your door security, we recommend checking out our guide to the best door security bars.