GW Security Camera Reviews [Top 6 Best Deals]

If you are searching for a security camera, there are different brands that you can consider.

However, it would help to remember that not all brands are the same, and some don’t work as they promise. Today, one known brand that offers cost-effective security systems is GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System.

The main reason why GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System is very popular is that this is the best out there and works effectively. It is easy to set up and can be used without any hassles once installed properly.

With GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System, it is easier for you to get a close-up of trespassers and show this to the police to help with tracking in case they stole one of your precious belongings.

You can also trace the number of people who entered your property without the need to guess.

GW Security Camera: Amazon Best Sellers

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Who is the GW Security Camera System Designed for?

  • Busy people – the GW security cameras allow you to monitor your cameras on the go. The GW Security apps are available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Business owners and homeowners with large properties – with 16 cameras, it’s easy to get total coverage of your property.
    This is particularly important for sensitive areas, like the home’s front door or the cash registers at a business.
  • Anyone who wants to protect their property – We like to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
    With a robust surveillance system like this, you’ll be prepared in case of theft, accident, or any other misfortune.

Features Of The GW Security Cameras

GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System comes with various features to level up your security and safety. One of its features is a 5MP super 1920p HD that captures crisp top-notch quality HD video.

It also provides you higher resolution compared to a standard HD camera.

Other features include 16 channel full HD 5MP NVR and bullet cameras that allow daytime and nighttime monitoring.

Every dome or bullet camera houses premium IR LED inside it, recording up to 196 feet. Its built-in manual zoom HD lens enables you to adjust the angle of a view.

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Benefits Of The GW cameras

GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System has fantastic features, and each of these offers benefits to all users, enabling you to make the most out of the security system. These include the following:

1. No Extra Power Cable Needed

A network cable directly connects every IP camera to NVR, supplying both a video and power signal. With this, you don’t need an extra power cable. Just plug 1 cable for 1 camera, and it’s ready to go.

This security system includes 16 Ports POE Switch that offers power and data using a single Ethernet cable.

2. Clear Videos

GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System allows you to capture HD videos 3 times higher than the cameras with 1080p with its 1920p resolution.

With this feature, expect to get more precise videos compared to some security systems available in the market.

Clear videos can also help you determine everything in the video without the need for you to install a more expensive security system.

3. Get Big Picture

Every IP camera delivers 5MP at 2592×1920 resolution with bigger and sharper video and image than 1080 pixel security cameras.

One main concern of many security system users is blurred images. With GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System, it will never be your issue.

4. Network Remote Access

It supports remote view through 3G mobile and smartphone with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android.

Network remote access will give you ease when monitoring videos at home or anywhere you are. Just make sure to install the right and working app, as this will let you access videos remotely without experiencing any issues.

5. Varifocal Lens

The manual zoom Varifocal lens of GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System provides more range compared to the cameras with a fixed lens and enable you to adjust the view’s angle from 98 degrees-22 degrees, a smaller lens value that will show a shorter viewing distance as well as view’s wide-angle field.

The bigger lens value will allow a longer viewing distance, yet the view’s narrower field.

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GW Security Cameras in Action

So, are GW security cameras any good? One of our favorite ways to judge a security camera (maybe one of the few ways!) is to see it in use. We find it helps to see some test footage across different situations – day and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.

We also love seeing the software used to manage a system before we make a purchase. Furthermore, we’ve included a video below that can show you the GW Security 16 Security Camera system in action.



  • The setup is very intuitive.
  • Its QR code to set up the app is very fast.
  • You won’t have a hard time setting up the router, and DDNS was nice.
  • It captures clear and high-quality HD resolution video.
  • Its high-resolution camera works effectively.
  • Powered through an Ethernet setup, it’s clean and straightforward with only a network cable.
  • It includes six domes and fourteen bullets with a 5M manual varifocal manual zoom.
  • It has a long night vision IR distance.
  • There’s a pre-installed eight terabyte hard drive with a 1-year warranty as well as free-of-charge lifetime tech support from America.
  • Pixelation will never be an issue.
  • It works on your Wi-Fi efficiently without the need to deal with complicated information.


  • The only concern with this security system is the video quality.
  • You will need more time to figure out the system.

GW security reviews: FAQ

Question: Is there an app for GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System?

Answer: Yes, there is. You can use TMEYE PRO, which is a free Android app.

Question: Is it a good system that provides HD video and motion detection recording?

Answer: This security system provides very clear videos. Unfortunately, it might not work correctly when it comes to motion recording.

Question: Is there an iPhone app for this?

Question: Yes.

Answer: Does it come with a night vision capability feature?

Answer: Its DVR Night Vision isn’t responsible for generating night vision, yet it’s compatible with night vision cameras.

Insider Tips

Many buyers like how GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System works. But, they often forget that it isn’t weatherproof.

So, make sure to install this in a place where it is safe from any weather disturbance to ensure that it will work for many years to come.

GW Security Cameras: Summary

With the HD Lens of GW Security Inc 16 Security Camera System and other features it offers, you can guarantee that this security system will work flawlessly.

Another good thing about its manufacturer is that this is just a phone call away to help you with any concerns.

So, if you want to make sure that your property is safe and secure, this is one of the best security systems.

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