XMartO Wireless Camera Review

The market of best wireless security cameras is growing bigger, better and more advanced by the day. No matter where you go, you can see these cameras being used, from commercial establishments to private residences. They have become staples in the society, serving crucial roles when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of places, properties and people.

With the continuous rise of companies that come up with their own versions of security systems, it could be difficult to make a choice, especially when you have no idea what to look for in the first place. Out of all the hundreds of brands, which is the best of them all?

One of the options that you can add to your list of the best surveillance camera systems today is none other than xmartO Wireless Security Camera System. But the main question is, will it live up to your expectations?

The XMartO Wireless Camera is, overall, an incredible system. The camera is known for its night vision feature. Images and video footage are typically crystal clear, both in the daytime and at night as well. The camera’s quality is on point, all the way to the design of the system to the phone app, which is simple to setup and displays quality video footage. The camera has received a few complaints regarding the consistency of video quality, which is rather important when using a camera video system. At times, video footage can be a bit sporadic, but the good reviews have definitely outweighed the bad when it comes to this camera’s video recording abilities.


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XMartO Wireless Camera Review

Whom Is This Camera Designed for?

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial building owners
  • Property owners
  • People who are on a budget but want a good security system


Important Features Of XMartO Wireless Camera

XMartO Wireless Security Camera System is a breakthrough wireless camera security system that comes with 8CH 960p NVR and 8X960p HD wireless camera perfect for night vision. In addition, this also comes with built in router combined with two properly positioned Wi-Fi antennas.

Its NVR has been designed to ensure that there is stable and strong Wi-Fi network connection which covers around 1000 feet in an open area. As for places with obstacles, you can expect this camera security system to cover as much as 200 feet. For this reason, installation of the system can be easily done anywhere in and outside your home or office to guarantee absolute coverage.

Every channel also has an equal 25fps in real time with around 8-channel synchronizing recording and playback. Without a doubt, this is the best home surveillance system you can get and is also great for businesses at any point in time to assure complete monitoring and coverage of your property and loved ones.

Features and Benefits Of XMartO Wireless Camera

Perfect for night vision

If you would like to continuously monitor all activities happening both around and inside your home or office even during night time, this wireless camera video system is exactly what you need. This has been built with a 8CH 960p NVR that is combined with the 8x960p HD outdoor cameras. These outdoor cameras guarantee stable and strong wireless connection for night vision, which also happens to be among the benefits associated with this particular security system.

Built-in router

You no longer have to worry about getting a separate router as this system already comes with a built-in one so you can use it with great ease and convenience. The NVR with a built-in router guarantees a very stable Wi-Fi connection, helping you reserve your home Wi-Fi bandwidth for your phones,  tablets and TVs.

VGA output that has high resolution of 1080p

Aside from the amazing features associated with the system’s built-in router and NVR, one more thing that will make you like this system even more is that the VGA has the ability of producing output that has the highest resolution. Thanks to the 1080p output on the camera, you can be sure that you can effectively monitor your property. You can also notice the face of any intruder in your home or business with the help of the high resolution image output in this security camera’s VGA.

Mobile app

You can view your system on the dedicated mobile app no matter where you are and no matter what time it is. It will only be a matter of minutes for you to set it up on your phone.

960p 1.3MP HD cameras

The cameras come with additional 0.3 megapixels more than 720p that equals an additional 700TVL camera for every channel in order to provide you with crystal clear videos.

Auto-pair technology

This security system kit comes equipped with auto-pair technology which ensures that you will only have to plug them in power for the system to start working. This makes plug n play for real.

xmartO Dream Liner Tech

It allows users to enhance the Wi-Fi distance. This xmartO Dream Liner Technology makes use of cameras in middle as the repeaters that can double or triple the present Wi-Fi distance.


Sample Footage

We always like to see some test footage from a camera system before we make a decision. Take a look at this footage below uploaded by a xmartO owner.


  • Stable and strong wireless connection to offer topnotch night vision
  • Camera is built in to cover bigger range of view in both obstacles and open areas
  • Built in router
  • Get time schedule, manual and motion recording
  • Equipped with high tech cameras
  • Package comes with all things required by the user
  • Offered at a very affordable price


  • Complicated setup
  • Cameras have some quality problems


[Dream Liner WiFi Relay] xmartO 8 Channel 960p HD Wireless Security...
  • [1000ft Long Range WiFi] Tested hundreds of times ON OPEN GROUND, the cameras work consistently while they are 1000ft away from the NVR receiver. The smart Dream Liner camera WiFi Relay tech. extends...
  • [Plug and Play with Auto-Pair Tech] Auto-Pair means NVR finds cameras automatically when powered. No operation needed on any device, just plug them into power and you get the cameras' images and the...
  • [Comes with Built-in WiFi Router] The NVR receiver has its own WiFi router in. The cameras' HD video streams use that exclusive router instead of your home router. That keeps your network unaffected.


Question: Can you change the frame rate of the camera?

Answer: Sorry, but this cannot be changed.

Question: Does the system have video playback?

Answer: Yes, you can easily playback on mobile, computer or NVR although you have to install a hard drive in you NVR first.

Question: If you will install a total of 8 cameras up in your ceiling or anywhere inside or around your house, will you need at least 8 120v AC outlet or ex-cord?

Answer: Every camera comes with 12V DC power adapter, with the power cord’s length being around 10 feet. However, you can also make use of a centralized power box for supplying constant power for all of your 8 cameras. For this, you will have to run power cable for every camera.

Insider Tip

Installation was very easy although the tricky part lies in getting power to every camera. However, the moment you are done plugging in, the cameras can connect to the DVR flawlessly. The pictures are clear both day and night.


If you want to get the best wireless security camera that could also work for your office and will give you good views both day and night and can cover great distances, xmartO Wireless Security Camera System is just what you need.

Never let your property be put at risk. Always be in constant monitoring  by getting xmartO Wireless Security Camera System today!

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